AppyBuilder status update


Read this:


Yes, I know, but version from the March 3 version had bugs (free personal) (I test it now) and later was released March 15 version (online) without bugs.


That’s right. I’m trying to use this personal version too and facing some problems during APK generation. I hope Hossein and his staff give us the solution…


I am with you!


What are those problems?



I remember that the same problem was at that time:


Hi, Will you update Appybuilder Offline to support API 28 by August 1st?




Including the Offline version?


Specifically Offline Version


Hi, I did not understand very well. Does this mean that appybuilder will no longer work as it does now? Thank you


The short answer is, Yes.

Longer Answer:


But is it a temporary suspension or will it be for life?


Just Temporary… AppyBuilder Will be back better than ever


ok, what a scare, I thought they closed for life. Anyway, appybuilder would have to have a paid version in the future to be always online, it’s my own opinion.


Can anyone shed some light on this? Appreciate.


just a silly question will admob component stop working bcz of that ?
or it’s independence from appybuilder platform ? cuz there’s other platforms the apps connects to their servers to show ads


Yes Admob is Free and No Percentage is Taken by AppyBuilder. You can also get the AppyBuilder Open Source Files and edit it if you like to add more components or fix Bugs etc.

No AdMob will Still Work even if it’s a Offline Version


Hi! Almost Finishing my first app i cant manage admob to show ads (its work with test adds but no with my adds account)

Maybe this has something with the issues of AB admob account or the api level?
(I read some post were are saying that ads will not work until AB its upgraded to API 28, but i wanna know if this is a confirmed information or a speculation)

BTW, great announcement! :smiley: