AppyBuilder status update


You could already test your aia with the personal version. My guess is it should work.


Hi Peter,
Now the offline version runs on my computer.
I have export the keystore and import it in the offline version.
After that, I import my projects.
Some notifications appears:
“The project build with a newer version of…”
After clicking multiple OK the project is offline available.
I hope i have done this right and all will run as expected.


Yes, then it should work as expected. I don’t know what components you put in your project but i am 99% certain your apps should work. Don’t be mad at me if i am wrong. :wink:


Can you make a separate topic about building your apk and post the message there.

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #18


Really, it’s sad news.
I was just starting with AppyBuilder and now they tell me they are going to close it. :sudor:
I have to think about leaving the AppyBuilder studio and start with another development platform.


There’s a version without internet.
It’s just a temporary suspension🚦


What this mean ?
Will appybuilder changes like kodular ?
If Yes Than I Am Excited Else :sob::sob::sob:


hello… is the offline version totally free too? for example : no admob percentage taken or appybuilder’s own ads etc

Also if we want to donate as support, where can we do it?

thank you.


I believe this is the correct site:


This version from March 3 2019 is with bugs, I remember that you quickly replaced it.

What is difference between:
Built: March 3 2019 Version: none Companion: 5.05 (AppyBuilderPersonal) and
Built: March 17 2019 Version: v1.0-31-gd329850-dirty Companion: 5.06 (AppyBuilderOnline)?


PS Regardless of the problems, you are my favorite :wink:


Read this:


Yes, I know, but version from the March 3 version had bugs (free personal) (I test it now) and later was released March 15 version (online) without bugs.


That’s right. I’m trying to use this personal version too and facing some problems during APK generation. I hope Hossein and his staff give us the solution…


I am with you!


What are those problems?



I remember that the same problem was at that time:


Hi, Will you update Appybuilder Offline to support API 28 by August 1st?