AppyBuilder Status and News



Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we hear about issues that you are experiencing (e.g. companion) and appreciate your patience while we are trying to address them. We are a small team, but trying our best to deliver best.

FYI, below are some info to give you idea of what we are handling.

  • Have +25,000 registered users,
  • Have +2,400 community members,
  • Are running (+8 frontend server instances),
  • Have 5 build-servers handling average of 1 build per 15 seconds

Past 14 hours

Frontend users (per minute / per second)


Appybuiler rocks…
And I must say even the girls working there are
absolutely sexy…
So why go anywhere else…

Just keep those build servers running as fast as possible…

Thanks to the team at Appybuilder for making our lives enjoyable


@Nilo, thank you so much for hard work…

Wow, 2.4k members… congrats!


Thanks, Just updated post to include number of frontend (ui) users, per minute and per second