Appybuilder site is very slow


I dislike this website for doing slow


Please there may be problem in network connection. or spped of your internet.


no, youre internet is slow.
try to clear cache, change browser, change pc, or maybe change your internet connection.
one of those might help.


Pal, you really have to do something with that, as slow internet is something that will test your nervous system. In other words, slow internet could cause you real headache, and you will have to deal with this if you want to use websites, or platforms and games. I think, your problem is coming out of your Internet provider, this could be the only one relevant answer. I think you need to change it as fast as you can, you can use service, and you will have the possibility to choose from all the available options on the market. More than that you will be able to choose from the features you want, and to choose the best offer for you. After that, I am 100% sure you will be able to access any site you want.


This was a topic from over a year ago. :wink: