AppyBuilder Release - Now FREE and opensource!



Thank you so much for this gesture. We’ll spread the news.
I have been in and out, not for lack of fund but for unsteady access to payment processing in this part of the World. This news gives me a future with appybuilder.
Although I will cancel now, I will keep giving back by way of donation.
Thank you.



Hossein, Thank you very much for everything you and your staff offers to the community. And I thank you personally for all the goodness you shared with me. This is incredible good news for everyone!
Have you thought about doing what Thunkable does, taking 5% of the advertising made with AppyBuilder? To me would be more than fair, now that you made Gold free.

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What a Miracle! i slept woke up and first thing i saw was an email in my inbox which reads AppBuilder Gold now Free Completely! Well i wasn’t sure what i read so i had to go wash my face with Water. still i wasn’t sure so i decided to check on the Forum and now am surprised Because it is not only Free but Also OpenedSource (which means you guys are not in anyways in the future going back to Paid again) Waaaoooooo!

I have about 1000 questions right now but the most important of it i would like to ask is: Do you in anyway or in the future plan to bundle all the resource into an offline version of AppyBuilder? - That would also be Awesome!

Now those who were Blocked by Admob for not Complying can Use other Monetization Platforms like leadbolt. this is a Very Big Miracle.

I can feel a big Competition in the Ai_family. Well We will do our best to Send Words out (infact Now)!!!


Wow awesome.this will change the future of appy builder. What about packages can we change package???


@Abdul_Maajith Yes. You can change package name too :wink:


Now after this announcement appy builder will flooded by people who wants to make ap​:joy::joy::joy:


Can we run on localhost?


@Yusuf_Deniz AppyBuilder team is working on that option


That would also make apps bigger than 10 MB possible. And in places where there is a slow internet connection this would be very helpfull.



i agree


Thanks for all your work, I make sure to reference AppyBuilder as my App Inventor platform of choice in all my posts about app development. I’ll definitely donate as I am able.

Might I suggest that you think about doing some crowdfunding campaigns for major features and releases? People really like having their donations tied to something tangible. You can “self host” a campaign and not have to give up 30% to a platform for more prosaic projects, although I do think there’s value provided through exposure on a hosting platform like IndieGoGo in some cases.

You might also think about a focused word of mouth driven social media campaign, profiling app developers using your platform (for instance) and highlighting apps developed with it. Is there a list of such available?


Great news. I’m keeping my subscription until after a few months.

Is there a way I can reduce the subscription fee. Then I will keep it for a longer time. I don’t want to cancel cos my country is not listed for PayPal and I can’t make donations there. I can only pay through Google.



Thanks so much. Yes definitely. We are creating an OPTIONAL recurring subscription for like $4 . Will post link later. Thanks from AppyBuilder team.


I will keep my subscription … I cancelled it Yesterday and will recreate once you have new link.


@Richard_Nero @felixsarp Thanks for your kind post. Please see below link. Will add this link to top level page or through a tag. We have to figure out how to do it :slight_smile:


Done ! I signed up for monthly payment. Others please support great support from Hossein and Team. Its nothing compare to what you get…


Wow :open_mouth:, that is crazy. AppyBuilder was here for so long and now it is becoming free and open source? Interesting, although, I think that you should setup a big donation button on your website. Cause keeping this platform running without any limits, requires some money. I hope in coming days to donate too. Regards.


@Richard_Nero THANKS. Your support is very much appreciated

@Ben THANKS. That would be great :+1:

Tell your friends: AppyBuilder is now 100% FREE! WOO HOO!

Will we still be able to remove the “Built with AppyBuilder” when we are doing work for clients and wish to remove it?