AppyBuilder Release - Now FREE and opensource!



Hello hAppy Builders :slight_smile:

We like to announce that we just had a October 28th release. This release (Release Notes HERE

  1. Fixes Chrome performance issues.
  2. More important, we made AppyBuilder completely FREE and anyone can now use it to build Android apps
  3. We also made it opensource!

Why was AppyBuilder made FREE?
We like to offer better experience to AppyBuilder community

How will AppyBuilder afford expenses?

  1. We have added advertisement banners at top of community forum. This should help us with some of the expenses.
  2. We rely on you, your support and donations. You’ll notice that at top of there is a “Donate” link. If you like and enjoy AppyBuilder, just follow that link OR just follow link to

What happens if you already have subscription?

  1. You can cancel subscription by following PayPal link. HERE
  2. It would be great if you could continue your subscription
  3. You could also start a subscription at lower rate by following link here:

If you have any questions, please email us at

AppyBuilder Gold?
Ask about non gold membership

wow, these are great news! awesome! :+1:


Great news. Thank you for support the Android developers community. However, does that mean improvments and development will stop?
I will keep my monthly donations and will not cancel it. I’d suggest you put some ads in the community and development platform to help cover server expenses.

I also want to know if there is any update about the one signal problem and update wishlist here:



  1. THANKS for keeping your subscription. It’ll help us continue with services
  2. Improvements and updates will continue at same rate, if not faster :slight_smile:
  3. Yes. That issue is resolved. We’ll update the release notes.

Thanks again


que increible noticia, que cambio tan radical


Wow, that will be game changer. As developer, we should spread word about AppyBuilder. More people, better support, good ideas.

Wishlist --> Can we look into collaborative tools.


What about silver plane, Is it also free now?


@Peep Yes. However, at this time, it requires email authorization. We’ll set it up so that it won’t require email setup


I’m a bit worried about Appybuilder future development and continuation since i think donation is not proper method for doing business.

Is it REALLY ok?


@Ronin no need to worry. AppyBuilder will continue. However, we appreciate if everyone can spread word around


wow great new
how can acces open source project files


@Yusuf_Deniz link below. Please spread the word. Thanks:


thanks but i have question
why you made to open source and free ?
you stopped developing?



  1. some users requested
  2. there are many AI distributions. We are hoping we can get more contributors so that we can provide better services
  3. Development WILL continue non-stop
  4. Is FREE a bad thing? :smile:


Absolutely no :joy:


sir its good news for me :heart_eyes::star_struck:
but missing spreadsheet component .:thinking:


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu please add that as WishList item and we’ll check into it


That’s i wish all ready at 25 AUG


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu yes. We’ll definitely add it


I am waiting for that time
Because my 1 project is stuck in that