AppyBuilder Release July 1st


Hello hAppy Builders,

We just announced a new version of AppyBuilder [HERE].

We will update our help documentation to provide usage of new features/components. Thanks for your patience.

Next release will include API target SDK 26.


Hey :wave:
I would just want to point out some things about the new version :sweat_smile:

  1. The .scr file extension is used by Windows as Screensaver file
  2. There’s actually a bug which doesn’t allow to open copied screens :wink:



We don’t have that issue. Can you show your AppyBuilder screenshots?


hey ,

I personally test this feature and it should go through with no issue


The steps I’ve done were

  1. Create a screen with some components
  2. Save the project
  3. Copy the screen
  4. Try to open
  5. An Internal Error appeard

This doesn’t happen again, probably it was a cache problem or something :thinking:


This happens when trying to open an Imported Screen


I’ll check into , it’s good to know that copy screen goes through with no problem.


@Behrooz I tested export screen and then import into different app and didn’t see any issue; it was imported with no issue. Maybe users need to clear their cache.


@Hossein The app I’ve done was made on Incognito, I saved the project before each step and built the app multiple times
This error was the reason why we temporally removed that feature from Makeroid, it also happend on Punya


We’ll wait for others to report. We don’t see that issue in AppyBuilder.



I tried to duplicate your issue with the steps provided and I am not able to duplicate the issue.

I installed the .apk on my phone, I didn’t try it from the companion.


@Ken Thanks for your testing and confirming that AppyBuilder works with no issue :+1:


Thanks @Ken :blush:


Just testet it. Made 4 screens. Exported the 4th one. Deleted 3 screens, imported the exported one. Made some buttons to switch screens. Everything seems to work without any problems.


I also tested the copying function. It works in the Live companion for me and gave the error that @Barreeeiroo showed you when i installed it on my phone.


@Peter , thanks a lot for testing :blush:


Good to know the constant updates by AB.
Sir plz give 2 basic feature in next update,

  1. Easy communication between multiple screens
  2. User should able to decide which screen will be HOME screen. Right now as default SCREEN1 is home screen. Give option so user can decide which screen will boot first.

Its really a great platform and I have successfully made Tic Tac Toe app and published it on google play store too and it has 500+ installation till now.


Still no Theme Support…:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:



What do you mean, exactly?

This doesn’t really make sense to me. What’s the point?


The point is when new user is developing app and suddenly he realize he wrongly design screen so he / she can easily change the startup screen instead of default screen1 only. (This is the very common feature in our engineering field where we design HMI interface)


Screen1 is always the first screen, but what about renaming Screen1 to something else and another screen to Screen1?

Project Merger Tool: combine two App Inventor projects into one
How to rename a Screen using the Project Merger Tool by Juan Antonio
File Assistant to copy and rename Screens by Tim
How to copy screens by Scott and a video by Hossein

you might want to try one of these solutions…
let us know, if this worked for you