AppyBuilder Offline



I sincerely agree with you, @Peter. Long life to AppyBuilder and AppBuilder team!!! Cheeers!!! :clinking_glasses:


Thanks so much for kind words


Is Appy Builder Personal Open Source ?


Yes. Everything is open source.


@Peter i get this error when i try to complie with the offline version, any idea


Do you get that with every app your try to build or just one? Are both servers running? The GUI and the build server?


Sir how to get latest update of offline appybuider file



Sir in this update i dint get card view how to get


The developers have to update the offline version.


It works fine.
I’m gladly surprised USB connection is also working out of the box using AppyBuilder companion!
Ony, the local server throws:
"You are using an out-of-date Companion. You should update the AppyBuilder Companion as soon as possible. If you have auto-update setup in the store, the update will happen by itself shortly."
And I’m using v4.03.


The offline uses older companion. Just do below to build companion
ant PlayApp


First of all:
Thank you so much Hossein and all the team for sharing AppyBuilder with the community!
I really hope to support you ASAP.

Build is successful but for any reason the built apk failed to install on Android 5.1.1.
EDIT: Needed to delete previous version (from PlayStore) to install built one. No idea why.

I built the server, but can’t find how to run it on Windows.
Where is the .bat or .exe?
Or is it “no gui”, just to run headless?


Hi everyone, new on the online Itried ti install also the offline version under Win 10.

“After installing latest JRE and the SDK I’m having some problem regarding the .bat file
IF the popup window immediately closes, this means that your java path is not setup properly. You may have to update the file to directly point to your java.exe; e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_121\bin\java.exe”

my question is : where I have to update the above file to point java.exe ?

Many thansk


eu não consigo iniciar o appy builder offline.

não acho nenhum icone para abrir, onde fica?



i’m unable to build my apk file. i get the message “Build failed! Could not fetch URL: http://localhost:9990/buildserver/build-all-from-zip-async?, error: Received exception executing http method POST against URL http://localhost:9990/buildserver/build-all-from-zip-async? Connection to http://localhost:9990 refused” though i started the build server as instructed. pls, help


Great Idea But Don’t add Too much ads Please. Appybuilder is doing a good job by keeping it ad free but few ads is acceptable. Thanks


are online and offline version are the same
Is there any differences


Offline version might be a bit behind the online version, as the AppyBuilder folks may not have yet integrated the latest changes into it. Not sure why this is, as both it and the online version are deployed from the same source repository, and I would think the process wouldn’t be particularly complex or time consuming.


Hello everyone, my problem is that you can not do big application from 10 mb. However, google play store allows up to 100 MB. The ftp manager is costly or requires other information. I would like you to upgrade the appybuilder limit, or at least upgrade the appybuilder offline limit. Have a nice day