AppyBuilder Offline





Yup, those last three


Run it as an administrator.


Run all last three as an administrator.
same problom


What’s your java version. It needs java 8


java 8 update 151 my java version


any update for me ? i stil waiting here


I did use the same zip as provided in this thread. when the 6 digits code appears, then i tried to input it, nothing happens. Tried v3.22, v2.41 (old ones), then AI2 v2.44 (companion for ai2), still nothing.

I thought my emulator wasnt working, then i tried online (appybuilder gold), and it worked (v3.22).

v3.23 and v3.24 was crash upon start (i reported it).


try re-downloading. it said the tos file was not found. i think it could be 1 of these reasons :

  1. your downloaded file is error.
  2. you got interrupted during unzipping
  3. your zip program not doing its job, try another one like 7zip.


u can pm me tos file ?


This is already within the GUIServer folder


well then, one last thing… did you read the “readme” file how to run the server? :thinking:

the address is : localhost:8888 by default


The companion works on Mr. Andres Cotes’s AppyBuilder Offline.

Thanks Mr. @Andres_Cotes and AppyBuilder! You guys rocks!


please help error


Hello, have you found anything that can help me? Im still trying to, but nothing get successes


yes, i have…

try @Andres_Cotes’s appybuilder offline.
download from here :
It has GUI for starting the server.


i have also . every login got error


You open port 8888 fireball and conect to ip network pc


This offline version is easy to use. Please can you update it to the latest version? Current version does not integrate material card.


@contritrack we’ll update it; possibly by tomorrow morning