AppyBuilder Offline




I get a notifier while testing through usb connection error 1801 security problem, receiving blocks…
I am running ubuntu 16.04…

How can I fix this?


I am having problems downloading offline version from github can you provide me any other link or torrent.
Thank You


Try this:


Actually I checked that already but its not working. IT would be good to get a link on any other site like mediafire.


What do you mean by its not working? Do you get error message??


No the server automatically closes the connection after its 60mb done.
I have tried doing it with download mangers and refreshing the link.


I guess it has something to do with your connection. It works perfect here. I can download the file without any problems.


I checked downloading another 400mb file and it downloaded without any error


I also downloaded AiliveComplete which is larger than this and it downloaded without any error. Please help.


OK the problem is solved finally it got downloaded, I think it was some server problem from github.
Well thanks everyone for help.


Thank you the appybuilder team for your great support. Allah Bless you all. Ameen.


any progress on companion? it still not working… or i downloaded the old version?
the zip file is :

is it correct? if it is, then the companion still not working


Yes use same zip file specified in this thread.
What happens when you try to connect to companion? Try a simple app first


how to use this
im getting problem


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu i just tried downloading and it downloaded for me


@John not getting , what u want say me ?
Are you telling or asking for downloading ?


You didn’t run a server.


i have run all one by one


Don’t close them after running. Also, you need to run only WinStart… Don’t run Shell files (2 first)


need only last three ?