AppyBuilder Offline



Is the max still around 10 MB. I could build a apk of 12,1 MB but got an error by 13,56 MB. Is it possible to lift the max size of 10MB?

Is appybuilder offline version unlimited app size

just awesome. Thanks for your feedback. We’ll update the README . :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :slight_smile:


The offline version has a big white space above the menu. The online version not. Can you correct this?


The whitespace is visible in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


@Peter what happens if you refresh page? You still see white space?


I got it. I just had to turn on the build client. Thanks


@habboubih awesome. That’s great


Yes it stays the same.


extensions upload error


Any specific extension?


Any extension…


Just tested it on my computer. Uploaded 4 different extensions in a row. No problem. I see that you have no extensions on your screen. Did you delete the standard extensions that are present when you start AppyBuilder?


@nandu_aeer I’ll check into it


extensions is there on my screen


On the left side of your image i don’t see any extensions already installed. When i start AppyBuilder offline i see these three extensions.



Sorry…Yes ur right …


I restart my pc and now working…and empty space showing above the menu


@Peter Thanks for testing and verifying

Not clear. Is your issue resolved?


White empty space showing above the menu


@nandu_aeer We’ll take care of that.
We were trying to actually show BANNER ad to assist with expenses. Not sure why it’s not showing-up.


I know why. I have an addblocker named Disconnect installed in my browser. if i whitelist the page the ad is showing.
Personally i understand that you need income but i don’t like to see ads while working on a project.