AppyBuilder Offline



When I double-click on WinStartAppyBuilderServer.bat to start the interface. the window closes immediately, and I do not know what to do next


Your Java path isn’t setup properly. Refer to readme doc here:


I tried and it does not work, I think the problem lies in the configuration of the path, how to do it?


Java configuration of the path as well as we set for extension building?


Is this offline version in sybc with the online builder.
I read something that offline us the same version as online.
Is this right.
Can i import my projecr with all my extensions without a problem.?
My app have now a few MB and i now thatbi will need douple upp after a while.
All my images are tiny and png.

If the offline version is the same as online this would be really good.


link please for java to support offline appybuilder ! i am using 8.1 pro 64bit


Hello , double Posts are not allowed. Pls dont do this again. And for your question. On Github you will find a repository for AppyBuilder Offline. Put AppyBuilder offline into google there you will find a link to an tuturial what is very helpful.

Hope this helps. Happy Building
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I am newbie here… I listen about offline version of gold appybuilder… Then I search here…found this forum but I didn’t get any proper documentation to download & install in my pc (sorry if I say wrong) Can you share or give full process how can I do it?


@hridoy5290 welcome to community. See link below. Please note that offline shouldn’t really be used for production beside nine of offline are really stable. Preferred method is to use online version:


I Try To Download Appybuilder Offline But It Not Work
I Have Already Install Java sdk.

This Command Show When I Run;


Hello all,

Can I build apps in AppyBuilder offline and put them in Google Play?
Can I use and use offline versions free of charge for building applications according to the AppyBuilder and Google licenses?

Regards, Tom


Não tem ícone inicia onde ta escrito appybuilder server
E esse appybuilder offline tá com um problema


Wow very nice idea for making appybuilder open source and off-line. kudos to appybuilder team.


what is the size of the repository ???


Just go to github and check or download


It start downloading and do not stop and even do not show download size …


Please, can you tell me how to change or incrase the app size on appybuilder personal? It’s very important for me to know this. Explain me step by step if you can.


I tried several times to install java and to change the path but everytime the same result. I am stuck. Is there any step by step explanation link?


You are answering in a topic from almost 3 years ago. Why not tell what you result is?


waw! Peter, you are great.
I was not sure if I asked the same question three years before. Yes, I have the same problem still.
If I try to start the WinStartBuildServer bat file, the popup window immediately closes.
And I know it is because of the path. To change this path as given in GitHub page, -I think- I took already right steps but always the same result :slight_smile: It does not start.