AppyBuilder Offline



Type in the addressbar of your browser



yes, this is the address which I can not load.
I thought, it could be because of site-permissions and I arranged all of them to open. But the same error; connection_refused


Intentaste ejecutar el frontend antes de abrir el localhost?


From your photo I see that are running the build server , you should load the frontend server (WinStartFrontend.bat) and if it loads correcty you will see the message INFO: Dev App Server is now running otherwise address 8888 already is in use


siiiii! After a lot of hours finally it runs! Gracias y gracias.


Thanks dora_paz it runs now.

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I have to download java in mobile also to download apk from the QR code built from the offlile version as as I scan it , says local host refuse to connect


No, it’s not necessary. The problem you have must be a problem with your java configuration.


Please say size of file


What is size of offline version


The latest zip was at 310MB



Is it possible to create app with ads and upload it to playstore using offline version ? The API is lower than 28 in offline. Will it work any how ? When the updated version will come ?


Probably yes

No, offline version is updated to latest API 28



Oh , thank you Boban Sir. If you kindly provide me new download link it would help me a lot.




Thats great… Maybe custom marker to change standart marker. Thanks alot appybuilder.


We can not see, post a picture with the error message


Sir I want to know new appybuilder version number


I cannot start AppyBuilder Offline. When I clicked on WinStartBuildServer.cmd a command prompt window opens

When I open localhost:8888 url it doesn’t open.
On running WinStartFrontend.bat a command prompt window opens wit this message