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what is the size of the repository ???


Just go to github and check or download


It start downloading and do not stop and even do not show download size …


Please, can you tell me how to change or incrase the app size on appybuilder personal? It’s very important for me to know this. Explain me step by step if you can.


I tried several times to install java and to change the path but everytime the same result. I am stuck. Is there any step by step explanation link?


You are answering in a topic from almost 3 years ago. Why not tell what you result is?


waw! Peter, you are great.
I was not sure if I asked the same question three years before. Yes, I have the same problem still.
If I try to start the WinStartBuildServer bat file, the popup window immediately closes.
And I know it is because of the path. To change this path as given in GitHub page, -I think- I took already right steps but always the same result :slight_smile: It does not start.


If you had looked into the community, you would see this: Offline version - How to make it work in Windows 10

Maybe this helps you.


Thank you Kleyber_Derick,
it helped. Now the server is running, but I can not load the localhost = ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED


Type in the addressbar of your browser



yes, this is the address which I can not load.
I thought, it could be because of site-permissions and I arranged all of them to open. But the same error; connection_refused


Intentaste ejecutar el frontend antes de abrir el localhost?


From your photo I see that are running the build server , you should load the frontend server (WinStartFrontend.bat) and if it loads correcty you will see the message INFO: Dev App Server is now running otherwise address 8888 already is in use


siiiii! After a lot of hours finally it runs! Gracias y gracias.


Thanks dora_paz it runs now.

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I have to download java in mobile also to download apk from the QR code built from the offlile version as as I scan it , says local host refuse to connect


No, it’s not necessary. The problem you have must be a problem with your java configuration.


Please say size of file


What is size of offline version