Appybuilder Offline Build Apk Error Occurred



Build Server Error On Appybuilder Personal

How to fix the build server error on offline appybuilder please help me


Please dont open a new topic if you made one already. Sometimes things take longer so please be patient. You should tell more about your error message. Do you use large assets, many extensions and which ones. Does the error show up with every project, etc.


I see you are using a aia from a @PixiiBomb tutorial. This was made with the online version of AppyBuilder. I guess that is why you get an error message. The online and offline version are not in sync.


No i am getting this error on my created apps also that are created with offline versions please tell me any solution i think that any problems related to java variables so Please Tell how to resolve it.


I asked you some questions. Another question. What java version are you using. Appybuilder offline needs java 8.


Yes i have java 8 but i am getting problem in doing setting of environmental variables of build server please suggest me how to do it


Are you using Windows? If you use windows i can not help you. I use Linux. I have never had to set environmental variables. I just had to choose Java version.