Appybuilder not working well on mobile



My experience with appybuilder started off wonderful. I was building a WIFI app. Everything was going smoothly until I finished the design and switched to blocks programming. I’m only ever able to drag one or two blocks out before the appybuilder won’t allow me to do anything else. After the first or second block item is drug onto the block connecter graph, it won’t let me drag any more. The same category stays selected, and the items within the category won’t show nor will the other categories. It is somewhat disheartening because things were going so well in the designer part. I’m wondering if the code for appybuilder or the MIT version is open source, because I wouldn’t mind trying to help you guys fix this bug. I can see appybuilder has a ton of potential, but I wonder how many others have experienced this bug.


Are you trying to develop in mobile or desktop?


AppyBuilder Online will be completely shut down soon, they merged with Kodular(search the community for more info). Unfortunately Kodular is even less friendly for block coding from a mobile device.

MIT Appinventor is Open Source you can find it here:

I do 99.9% of my coding on my phone and I would love to have this issue resolved because each time it occurs I have to refresh the page and I lose precious time.

FYI: I experience this with all of the AI Distros.


I’m trying to develop on mobile. I’ve tried several devices and browsers. All had poor results.


It’s really a shame that they’re doing that. I was stoked about being able to develop apps from my phone or tablet. As many of us probably know, to develop Android apps “normally,” usually requires an expensive desktop PC and a lot of programming overhead using Andoid Studio. The mobile arena is appybuilder’s main strength as far as I’m concerned. I totally agree with what you said.


Developing using mobile is very limiting. if you are Android, Tasker has the ability to make some simple apps (the one I am developing for my employer started out in Tasker).

There is an app I used for a minute for Android called Sketchware that seemed pretty promising as well. It uses block programming very similar to App Inventor.

I have moved to Kodular, but am developing on PC and love the results I’m getting. Good Luck developing on mobile.


Thank you, Gary. I guess I feel like being able to develop on mobile levels the playing field for the haves and the have-nots, like myself. There are so many investments out there, (like an expensive computer) where people can basically buy their way to wealth. If we want equal opportunity, poor folks that can’t afford the latest computer need a way to develop, too. I’ve tried sketchware, but it requires the user to install a third-party APK, which a security risk on Android. I appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I’m upset about where the hacker counterculture has taken things. That things have become so unequal.



You can also use any of the builders using a chromebook. This way you can run the builder and the companion app on the same screen. Chromebooks are not so expensive as pcs. With large projects they could react slower but for “normal” apps it works great.


Since Kodular is browser based I still think the system requirements are pretty low. I don’t have a high end PC at home and my work PC isn’t anything I would even attempt to game on or anything. Kodular runs fine on my PC with a AMD4300fx processor and a Geforce 750ti. Trust me, I understand developing on a budget since my degree is in game design and my PC isn’t’ going to handle developing on Unity, UE4 or CryEngine(Lumberyard) until I come up with the money to upgrade it.