AppyBuilder - Next version


Thanks for your comment. We are working on it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment. We are working on it :slight_smile:


For the next version please add:

  • Video Player component can play live stream (m3u8, rtmp, ts files).
  • Hide app name on splash screen (when app stars show app name).
  • Like AI2 preview on Smartphone, Tablet, Monitor. Add TV size.


Best of luck… wish you will back with you super-power.

AppyBuilder was my fist ever professional level AppBuilder, I am missing you…

Even in the mean time, as I earlier said if you just update your API target and Facebook Ads, then I am telling you, you will get more then 2000 active users/Apps within two days]


@7starmedia thanks. We have already prepared those AND many other monetization components for next release :wink:


It would be more better if you launch the same in few period of times, not in the so long …

Many users are hungry for it…

One question, if you have added API 28 in your Offline Version, then why not in Online version?


Online Builder Is Closed Dear @7starmedia


Buona fortuna e buon lavoro!


would be good if can view facebook live in webview


Hi! I followed admob’s instructions. I created an initial option to inform about privacy rules and buttons to choose how data will be used or not. I also put an option in the menu to access privacy options for change them at any time. I created a free website to host the privacy terms.
Here is the link to my app:


Sorry for my question. But is it already possible to know if the current .aia projects will be compatible in the expected new version of AppyBuilder?


Well, Tomorrow, Aug 31st, we’ll reveal some features for the upcoming AppyBuilder.
Make sure you Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Today, after 13 years, a new Tool album (big fan here) and now AppyBuilder’s new features tomorrow? Is it Christmas already? :grin::grin:


I’m very anxious! :star_struck::star_struck::sunglasses: