AppyBuilder - Next version


Many features / updates are being added to next version of AppyBuilder.
Stay tuned :slight_smile:


add a paid version with free version


Se lanzará primero offline?


Any release date of new Appybuilder version?


Just next year. In some quarter of 2020.


sorry but its impossible because from November Google Play will not accept those apps which have not targeted the api level 28 .


Use Appybuilder offline.


Can you give some little inside on what is coming? :sunglasses:


Ya please Give us a little info…


Do you have planned to do also for Apple?

  • New interface
  • Many new components
  • Updated components with new features
  • +More :slight_smile:


Is the generic event handlers going to be incorporated too? (AnyButton, etc.)


Sir when ur updating next version of offline appybuilder any date?


I am waiting till appybuilder update till now focus on study no app building :smirk_cat:


I wish success and good luck! We look forward to the news. :star_struck:

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Hi. I don’t know if you will do that, but. Please do not remove Admob from the next version … I already had problems with it, but everything was normal after adjusting the apps to privacy rules. . The admob is working and I would like to continue using it. :slight_smile:


Won’t be removed. If you can, provide more detail on how you fixed the privacy rules


yes we are waiting no problem. i always trust appybuilder team.
dont forget that you are the champion :slight_smile:


AppyBuilder is one of the best builder i found .i get help always i want…Thank You . I am Waiting For new update