AppyBuilder & Kodular


No, I’m talking about AppyBuilder offline as a whole.Will it be maintained to keep working with future Android versions? I don’t think it will but let me know. In any way, I’m not using Kodular.


@Italo Let me know which Android version is having issue, and I can look into it issue


I am really sad to see you go. :pensive:


As of now with Api 28, permissions are not added when needed, files are not written etc

Future Android versions will probably need more things such as target version, permissions, files etc



It seems I am going too.


instead you say something, you flagged my post. It is not correct.


@im.pala I didn’t flag your post

Re MAP, see here: Api 28 - map problem in Android 9


I flagged your post. You language was inappropriate. You accused the developers of deliberately causing the problems.


yes, you are right. I am very stressed, sorry.



I´m testing now, I will infor you asap

you´re a great Sir, always gratefull,



I’ve un-found all the old versions of the app, I’ve cleared cache, I’ve cleaned up all the data,

I downloaded the new offline version, I uploaded the aia of the old oflline version and I’ve compiled again

unfortunately we don’t see the maps again, sorry


Post a simple .aia or pm it to me


I tried and it runs.
Thank you Houssein



here a aia with only maps

map_test.aia (1,4 KB)

my phone is xiaomi pocophone F1 with android version: 9 PKQ1.180729.001


on the companion works perfect with OSM and Google maps

I think I remember that @Boban_Stojmenovic had commented on any of this



@Jose_Navarro I took your .aia and created .apk using the offline version and its working for me:


what android version?
because in down android version work perfect too


I tried the aia and it runs well on android 8.0.0


I tested too in Xiaomi Redmy 7 with android version 9 PKQ1.181021.001
and not work too



please infor us about your android version and phone model, its very importn for will compare

unfortunately we continued the same as we were before the upgrade, after performing several tests