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Hossein, why do you not update the map component? Is this intentionally? Is this fair?


Attention please;
Those who are complaining about the changes. Use Android Studio to see how difficult it is to compile a full-featured app that you use here. They deserve the commissions. Thanks to this project, everyone has access to create applications, even without being technical professionals in programming codes. Stop complaining and support this project anyway. This Appybuilder / Kondular project needs to last long and long. Things will get better Appbuilder components were already out of date. Kondular will bring new components and a modern layout currently used on Android.


I find the components menu in Kodular EXTREMELY annoying. They are more worried about making it “cool” than functional. Every time I move the pointer, something starts sliding from top, the bottom, or the sides making it really hard to get used to it.

If the offline version of AppyBuilder will not be updated then I’m out. Good luck @Hossein.


Yes you have a reason, its completly diferent and other question How’s the kodular carrying you? How do you see the speed? for me its very very slow. I have internet 600 mg conecction and with other same app inventor, trunkable or of course appybuilder its compley diferent. I saw the memory and its too much near 4gb when its charging.


@Hossein, it is a very serious problem. You have to say something about it. My apps which I published years before and with high count of users do not work since months. Everyday I am losing my hard work. You promised to update it.

I believe, you can not update the offline version because kodular wants it. But this is a wrong decission. Even when I move to Kodular, I lost already a lot of good apps in the store. It is also not a good thing for Kodular.
Please do/say somethink.


I don’t want to believe it but I have to ask; -is the component deliberately broken?


That’s a lot… my laptop can’t even run Kodular then :frowning:


Taking 4GB of RAM is technically not possible from a single website. It could be that Windows itself is taking a lot of RAM, you are multi-tasking or have a lot of tabs open at the same time.
Chrome browser, which is the most RAM hungry browser, can take up to 1.4GB RAM per tab.


its possible you have a reason that I have many other thigs open,
not possible for me now I will test a new time, but when I come back to office, I will send a picture of this, but a lot of memory, you will see.


This is mine but hey do you really want to see what I’m running on the computer and I experience no issues



@Ben @Boban_Stojmenovic @Spooky

yes its a less than 4 GB (3018 MB) , yesterday I remembered tha saw near 4 (3750 +/-), its possible I have opened more things, I dont know exactly.

this is my data with only chrome and kodular, not other things are opening:
I have app with 13 screen and I dont know exactly the blocks= more or less 12000 to 15000 block with 6 mg of size.

I try to open in Kodular at 12:35 , Kodular finish in 12:40 = 5 minutes ( the same app in appybuilder offline is less that 30 seg, in trunkable is less than 1 minute, in app inventor is same appybuilder +/-)

and here my memory data

my computer data:


the both of map components (google map and open street map) are broken!
is that a coincidence?


Of course, loading a project in Kodular made in another builder will take longer why, do you really need an answer to that

Take a look at these pictures do you see any difrence, this project loads slowly in both Appybuilder and Kodular why, it was build with Silver version

So your project with 12000+ blocks has to be renamed properly etc, plus there is a big difference in the components as well



Here you have the solution to your map problem, those lines that I’ve added may seem easy to do but @Hossein probably needs to add 1000 lines of code to make it work in builder



thanks, i will try it.


@Italo Are you referring to the MAP component? Which other component is not working

@im.pala Besides Map component, which other component are you referring to?


I have just with the both maps components problem (google map and open street map). Else this I dont know any.
In companion I can see the maps but when I compile it, it shows nothing, maps freezing.


Keep in mind that the companion uses Api26 and thereof it works



Okay @Boban_Stojmenovic I undestand now, thank you very much for the teacher advice