AppyBuilder & Kodular


I am in the same way you are. Reading all the blog, I think it will be better to wait a little and after Kodular team say we can migrate our apps to Kodular, we can do it. So, let’s wait.


Where is the new chart?
And what are the “ceiling values”?


There is no “chart”
It was made by an user, but the only official way to check the commission is at

And the ceiling values means that once the commission gets up to a point, it won’t go higher even if you add more components


hello, well I want to ask the million dollar question. My question is, Appybuilder offline still work and update? Thank you.


Probably we have to wait till September 15th for new announcements according to the Kodular blog


hello @delavitta , I think that no update, see me post of Api 28 - map problem in Android 9

that @Hossein said that he 1-9 was updated with map problems in android 9 and API 28 (I sended some private message for this request , that I havent any response) and today 6-9 and they never did the update, its a great problems because the offline version work perfectly, fast and nice work with offline version, but by now not update. Now all is neccesary to wait, we dont know the exact date, we dont know nothing, this is a big confusion.

I think we’re going to miss the appybuilder and its features, at least I think designers should update the offline version and when they have everything finished with kodular they’ll send us to migrate, I think it’s a reasonable thing, but the reality is not so.

I´m testing my big app in kodular, for me kodular its a little slow, its necessary to make many changues from offline version to will work in kodular.

all this for me has brought me a big problem because I have my app finished, but I can not publish in play store because the offline version android 9 in API 28 you do not see the maps, now you have to do everything again in kodular and do not give us the option to have the version offline well-finished so users can continue to work normally.

is what we have


I have the same problem. My old apps with map are already since years published and now they dont work anymore! I lost users, bad reviews etc…

I think they will never update it.


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In our countries (middle east and around) the landowner are selling “their” villages, people inclusive. I feel like this…


But why don’t you also say that this 37% also includes In App Purchases? This revenue source is totally free of commission, so the real percentage we take is never as high as it shows…
And if you don’t use that IAP it can only go up to 29% (and without custom package up to 25%). And it’s up to you, but there are other free ways to create apps which take 50% of revenue from ads…

And also, why don’t you say that Banners and Rewarded Video are free of commission? So, again, that’s another income way without commission
So, don’t look to the number only, and see from where you can get money too, and from where we don’t take that commission :wink:

Do you really think you’re the first one who see that value?
There’s already a discussion about that in our community, and after showing what I added above you realize that this 37% is NEVER as high…


Totally not correct; as one user said:’ “Unity brings more power”. Should look at it positively


we have to pay commission for custom apk name. We have to pay it because we have already our apps in store. If we change the name we can not publish them anymore.


We can make that AB package does not mean custom package
And that is common sense, we are going to implement it…


Not correct. Change package name and use same keystore


No, there are others way like AppyBuilder, which has enough features for most of the people and don’t take huge if any commission.
Regarding IAP and why I didn’t mention, I exactly said “UP TO”. Whether there is IAP or not, taking 25% is already huge. And not as your website says little.
And I didn’t talk about banners or rewarded videos because your commission app doesn’t allow to pick anything except interstitials.


there are people who don’t see it like that and we also deserve respect which seems to last you have lost for us users leaving us lying in the middle of the road, saying that you will do one thing when it is completely false, just like I there are many users and if you have changed to kodular, I see it perfect but you also have to understand that you must finish the work that has started and once finished if you offer us your alliance with kodular because if it is perfect but do not leave us lying as it is letting us if you update your perfect offline and I think we deserve this little respect on your part.

but here it seems that only commissions matter and to which we do not have commissions and we ask for an offline update as an important component as the map is, we have no rights and we are treated badly without answers and passing from us

no one refused to pay, Sir Hossein, if you had made a payment per user for example 3 - 4 $ x month and still offer us the offline, I think with 200000 users, they only fled paid about 5000 x 4 x 20000 $ x month, I think I could have followed with appybuilder, but it’s not like that, we were left lying, undated kodular and almost losing our work for many hours in front of the screen,

Thank you very much, I can’t tell you anything else for now at this tough time that your changes have brought us users

  1. Terribly sorry you feel that way. We provided you offline. Didn’t we?
    Also, for many months, we requested subscription, even 2$/month and we got only single-digit users (not mentioning the previous loyal subscribers) who opted to that suggestions.
  2. Did anyone know that for about 1 1/2 year I was paying about $1,500 USD per month out of my own pocket to keep this platform with this number of users alive?
  3. Already started working on migration. May require some manual work (on your side) though


If I have the offline version, where in Android 9 Api 28 the maps do not work and you said that I was going to do this update and it has not been true.

by the way it is the best offline version we have ever had, it works very fast and has nothing to do with its competition, kodular (very very slow) trunkable (does not compile) and app inventor (very limited)

for the subscription, because the truth is that I never saw anything, never communicated by email or never got on the online platform, I’m not talking about this, I’m talking about a mandatory subscription, everything would have changed.

We are going to see if we can take a bit of this again. How much is it worth of your work to update the offline version with the map component? I think we are many users to be able to face if it is an economic problem, it leaves us finished and while you continue working on your kodular and then when they are all finished, then we will migrate to Kodular and make the union, which as you say is always positive, Don’t you think it’s a good option for everyone?


No it is not so terrible, you have to put yourself in our situation, where you know perfectly well that it is very difficult to migrate from platform, you have to understand that many users are very hurt with this and we feel pulled


…and visa versa. Please see my reply about expense, subscription. Any more replies, I appreciate if you PM me on it. Thanks