AppyBuilder & Kodular


For the time being, we’ll keep it on, allowing you more time for accessing your projects


Consider transferring the ones that you have published and are not sample projects


hi to all dudes and ladyes, tell me please, did new Kodular version will be not free off pays ?


It is free as long as you do not use ads. Otherwise there is a commission , read more here



thank you, second time you help me strong, best wishes to you


yeah we are cowboys of keyboards ( “Hackers” 1995 ) :+1:



good news tnq


I don’t understand why most of you are so happy about this.

Kodular really takes a big share of revenue from your monetized apps.

The percentage can be even higher if you use certain components.
They take this percentage by showing their own unity ads in your monetized app. And unity ads can contain gambling and alcohol ads, so that will get you banned from the play store if you run apps for children.

I understand that running a server costs money, but I’m sure there are better ways to finance them with over 500k users on Kodular.

I also read somewhere that they will review every monetized app within 48 hours. Do they hereby look at the .apk file or the .aia file ?


Let’s not start that discussion here. We had one at Kodular.


As @Peter said, this we have already responded to this type of accusations several times, so I’ll be short

Aye, and there are other services (not AI based) that make a 50/50
Google takes more than 30%, as a fixed quota

Yes, but don’t try to confuse users, as the percentage you shared was already with some components, not the basic one…

This is false, we have already disabled weeks ago these type of ads from our account…

We check the project content
And it’s not within 48h, we require the project to be created at least 48h before submitting request


I totally agree with @Peter


@Barreeeiroo Thank you for answering.
@Peter Okay Peter


If I don’t join Kodular and stick to my Appybuilder offline, will they still charge commission for my project using ads?


Can you post the Kodular Link about this discussion here . Please


Just go there and search the forum.


that’s really disappointed
i have never created an app in kodular because of their greed come on they take more than 20% of your earning ! so if you get 100$/month they will get 20$ if you get 1000 they get 200$
That’s unacceptable sadly i like appybuilder and i would be happy to pay to use it or to keep it up and it okay to get 5% As they were done before but not kodular i’ll continue to use APPYBUILDER offline
look they take commission on almost everything

so if i choose my package name and use admob and facebook it would be 24%


Bothered by the commission?
Sorry, but go to another app builder or avoid commission elements.
Yes, I am happy with the change of platform. It will be extremely positive! :star_struck::sunglasses:


The “Spacer” item will not load in Kodular when I import. My bigger apps load when imported, but then won’t start up when you go to edit. I guess it’s back to square one with AppInventor again. Sadface.


Once again, let’s not enter the discussion

  1. That chart is outdated, we lowered down commissions a lot in last update, and it’s not reflected
  2. There are ceiling values, meaning that if you reach X% commission won’t go higher, and that is not reflected in that chart

So, use the official app and not non-official sources which say we take 50% of revenue…


Hi, I think this is really a nice news. I always agree and appreciate on people who join with other in good project. I saw the Kodular system and I realize that it is really amazing. I am an appybuilder user, and I was really happy to use it. Now I am bit concerning when I will have to export the appybuilder aia to Kodular. I really wish will be very easy and I wish I dont have to build the apps again. Anyway I am confident in your work, but please reassure me the the swithing from appybuilder to kodular will be easy.
I would like to ask if I can start to export the aia from appybuilder to kodular, or is better to wait you make this migration more easy?
thankyou very much