AppyBuilder & Kodular


No doubt about that!



I can’t say I’m happy with the merging. I’ve seen some bad things by the developers of Kodular/Makeroid or whatever they were before. They act mostly like a bunch of teenagers with not a lot of professionalism in dealing with users but more interested in just being right about everything.

But, oh well. I hope they changed and learned a thing or two about being polite with the users. I don’t use their platform and I would like to remain that way. I’m sorry but AppyBuilder was the right platform for me, besides the original App Inventor. I stopped using Thunkable long time ago and never used Makeroid because of their developers.

So, is AppyBuilder offline going to continue being updated or will be removed? Kodular/Makeroid doesn’t have an offline version, right? I’d rather keep using the offline version.


Don’t lose hope. Kodular has improved alot.
I just hope good things of both evolves.
I am very much hopeful with this merger.
Best of Luck appybuilder & Kodular team.


I send you a PM :slightly_smiling_face:


@Hossein Please add a( paid - no Commission) version too. And try to reduce app size after build.


It has been discussed in Kodular Community and it’s not gonna happen. To not have a no Comission app, just don’t use ads.

This has been implemented in the next release.


Something that AppyBuilder has and I know Kodular won’t remove is the “Created with Kodular” thingy from about screen. Just make a proper Pro plan for like 5$/month which would remove commission and that watermark. This would affectively profit more because the income from commission isn’t that much.


This will never happen, because what will they earn from it?
With option package name change, they would have one paying user which he in turn builds 100 friends apps

Regarding watermark “Created with Kodular”, I suggested this in one of the threads, if they take commission then Kodular should try to find a way to remove it as well



Well, that’s an easy one. Just hide the title bar and make your own one without the “about” section.
A title bar is just an arrangement. And in fact you will have more freedom if you do that to make it look any way you want.


What will happen to all our apps in AppyBuilder? Will they get migrated across to Kodular along with our account so we can log in there the same? I have never used Kodular. Do they have the same elements as Appybuilder? Will all our apps wok the same under Kodular or will we have to rewrite? Thanks.


Projects won’t be automatically migrated, you’ll need to export your project from AppyBuilder and import it into Kodular. There may be some incompatibility issues when transferring at the moment but we are working on making sure that projects can be moved without much hassle.

Kodular has over 150 components so you’ll probably find that a component you used in AppyBuilder is available in Kodular.


How long until the compatibility issues are resolved so I can begin work on my apps again?


You can start importing your apps now or have you already tried?


Don’t have an account yet. I guess I’ll give it a go. I really liked Appybuilder and don’t want to have to go back to App Inventor, but changing to another platform is a pain.


Especially as I have over 80 apps in my folder. Some are projects, some sample code, some experiments. To move them all over will take many hours. :frowning:


Congratulations! May I ask that any plannings about shutting down AppyBuilder’s online services?


For the time being, we’ll keep it on, allowing you more time for accessing your projects


Consider transferring the ones that you have published and are not sample projects


hi to all dudes and ladyes, tell me please, did new Kodular version will be not free off pays ?