AppyBuilder & Kodular


Hello Appy Builders!
We’ve got big news for you today!

AppyBuilder is joining hands with Kodular ! We will henceforth be working together as a single platform as Kodular!

With AppyBuilder and Kodular working as one, we’ll be able to bring more powerful features to you faster than ever before. We hope to introduce several groundbreaking changes in the next few months that will make app-development easier than ever before.

You might be a bit like this at the moment: image

So, do read our blog post HERE

Happy Koding!

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:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


A heartfelt congratulations to two of the best App Inventor platforms joining. :champagne:

May this collaboration usher in a new era of Blockly!

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #4


That’s right @Kanishka_Developer!!!



You are good @Peter :rofl::joy:


Congratulations! As weird as this was to me when I first saw the sticky banner, congratulations indeed. I hope this is just a start and there is much more to come to Kodular.


As far as I know, the users of codular must pay. What will happen with us? Will we pay too?
Is appybuilder no more free?


You are wrong. Kodular is free to use. Only when you use ads you pay some commission.


Yes, exactly I mean this. Will we pay this too?


AppyBuilder was taking commission too, they just stopped a few months ago


No, I paid never a commision.


Yes, you did…
You didn’t had to pay because it was subtracted automatically, same as Kodular


oh! I did not know it. I can’t remember that I read something about this.

  1. It was always posted in our help documents HERE
  2. Maintaining the platform, has high cost of expense; not to mention time and huge effort that we put into research, design, development, etc. The expense for this, needs to come from somewhere.
  3. As Peter said, our platforms are free. IF you use some moentization components, you pay a small percentage of your revenue. This way, it’ll be fair for all


Wow!! Now the thing will be potent !!! Very very cool! :star_struck::star_struck:


There’s no such thing as “free” in this world. Either you or someone else has to pay for whatever you use. I think it’s more fair for YOU to pay for what YOU use. Don’t you think?


Did you know, I am a longtime user in kodular and only a few hours before I decided to fully use AppyBuilder. if you are a meticulous developer I think you know the reason.

“yes we are developers, not like users on social media.”

I hope by joining AppyBuilder and Kodular it will not be like Kodular now.


Congratulations!! amazing what is coming!