Appybuilder gold companion is not working


I’m using lenovo a536. When I press icon for appybuilder to launch it, immediatly the appybuilder is not working… It just say “Unfortunately, Appybuilder Gold has stopped”

Same thing when I use bluestack to lauch the appybuilder companion, immedietly the apps force close and said the same thing “Unfortunately, Appybuilder Gold has stopped”

But when I use other phone like Xiaomi the companion is working. so I tried to search the old version of the appybuilder companion. and I found it on

I try to install AppyBuilder Companion Gold 3.25 APK File and it PERFECTLY WORKS. on my Lenovo

please help fix the companion problem


LOL there’s no answer from appybuilder developer :joy:


Did you try the latest companion? Did that work?


Same here, the latest version crash a lot, I try to connect using USB, nothing happens, keeps on a Launching companion loop and if I use the QR Code nothing; also it’s really annoying not to know what the app is doing, It would be great have some kind of notification: Loading resources from your computer and on the web something like Uploading content as a UI/UX designer I know this is something really important on the process of how an app should work, more because I just know the QR code disappear from my computer after scan it, but I have 10 minutes without know if the process crash or Its just uploading something, I love the page but use the companion it’s something awful and annoying


@ozonostudio well try to bring it up-to-date with MIT AI companion updates so that it gives some type of visual indication.


@Peter_Mathijssen wow amazing, the bug is gone in the latest companion. I don’t know you guys updated it cause I have used the old companion on the version before the bug appears

Thanks Appy Builder :heart_eyes:


Hello, I’m newie but on appy builder and using Build --> QR Code and Correct --> Live Testing doesn’t work, on booth I’m get message about connection.

Anyone work fine??



Welcome to AppyBuilder community.
Are you using latest companion?
Did you close or kik other companions like MIT?


Hello, I’m using Appy Builder 4.0.6 companion.