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Is there a decision made regarding payment or donations? Whatever it is, we should all collaborate on it. We all benefit from this platform and they must be sustainable and obtain benefits. A few months ago I had a not very pleasant experience when after 6 months of work they closed another platform leaving me without finishing the application. According to the comments, they say they will return, but I’m not sure about it … I do not want to suffer that experience again and I think nobody will want to go through it, so I ask for maximum transparency and make a final evaluation. decision to help as soon as possible and not close this platform. Whatever the decision, count on my support. A greeting. Translation by translator


I know which platform you are talking about, and believe me, they are going to come back. They also did what they did at prior notice. Surely you remember why and how it happened?


Hello Kanishka, I know what happened, I have personally suffered. I suffered the repetitive cuts, suffered the different versions of the administrators and also suffered the two days they gave us to download the aia (which did not help, you can not work with him). I can understand that, what I can not understand is that in no place they commented that it was a beta version, I can not understand that it is not informing of what is happening (we are totally abandoned) and I can not understand it is that I asked for a date back of the service and the answer is “… for now Q2” (for now?).
I apologize to the administrators of Appy Buider for talking about this topic in the place not indicated for it (I already did in the corresponding forum) but I think it can serve others, this can happen in Appy Builder if we do not collaborate with the financing of the platform.
Greetings to all and I apologize again


How about, a higher rate to remove the message from
Made with appybuilder.

In this way whoever wants exclusivity will pay for it …
and it could be a fee that is paid when compiling

So whoever wants to remove the message will pay for each application that he wants to compile without the message


Those who know can easily remove this message.



There are a lots of ways to remove that message from an app. whiles that might be vital to you, please understand that it is not a priority to the discussion at hand. the trend is focused on commission or no commission for $1USD and i would suggest we stay in line to the subject matter at hand.


I think we all agree on that and the payment, but you should bear in mind that it will not be enough, that is why you have to propose other ways to increase that contribution, because probably many will not contribute.


You should start taking 5% again… I don’t get what is against that?


Actually I think 25% from ads is good… If they get paid $4.00 per ad shown, youll get a dollar of that.


We just had a lot of folks complain to us about the commission. No matter which way we go, there are some who oppose :frowning:


You must make a decision, the bill to pay will arrive


But, its your service… If they leave, they leave.


@Hossein please let me know if you have an Adsense account for this site… ?


We do but as mentioned 3 weeks ago, we stopped using it.

I’ll close this topic because we are working on some options that should be good for all


Yes, @Hossein, please close this topic. I think you have all the necessary opinions to take your decision. This topic became so boring…

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