AppyBuilder Free without commission



Users who are requesting to keep AppyBuilder free and use Admob/Adsense to cover expenses are clearly unaware of the situation. Admob will never cover expenses due to the nature of the website/platform. They simply suck with websites that have no text contents. Meaning, if you want Admob/Adsense to really work on a website, the website must have some articles so Admob/Adsense can target visitors with relevant ads. It also needs lots and lots of impressions. In AppyBuilder you are literary on one page all the time. This counts as only one impression. AppyBuilder also has no text contents so the ads are not relevant and I assume there are less than 10 clicks a day.

People who have never used Adsense should understand that it doesn’t work on websites like AppyBuilder.

For people who don’t have a credit card or a PayPal account, I don’t think it is a valid excuse. You can go to any local market and buy yourself a preloaded credit card. $5, $10, $25 … etc are available and they can be easily purchased from any local store and are available around the world. Ask about them. A PayPal account won’t take 2 minutes max to open one (By the way, you don’t even need a PayPal account to pay for the subscription). Hossein can provide a PayPal account with a fixed cost so that you can just go to the paypal page and pay with the preloaded credit card each month without having to sign in to paypal.

We must support AppyBuilder otherwise you don’t deserve to use the service. We all love free stuff but who’s going to pay for servers, development, time, tools … etc?


I clearly said that I understand what you’re saying. My point was that some people won’t, and they’ll shift to other platforms. I respect AB, and I’m sorry if I indicated otherwise.

Also, nice to meet you at last, @Italo!


This is the reason why it got deleted.


We need to lower the beef here. This is meant to tell people about the commission and not to make a fight against people who want everything free and who would like to give a dollar a month.

Personally, I have hosted multiple servers of custom AI services to help students learn at my high school. And, I can tell you, it costs a lot of, to keep all these running. Keeping UI designer interface on Google App Engine, hosting buildserver on VPS servers such as DigitalOcean, keeping the forums running (it’s Discourse, a ruby-on-rails application, not some simple PHP script, it needs actual servers to run), main webpage by itself.


I totally agree with you. I do not think AppyBilder should be free.

I only suggest that AppyBuilder include other means of payment apart from Paypal because PayPal is not active in my country Ghana.

Thank you.


Hossein, I’ve been using your service for some years, and I think you should go back to the limited free version. Seem to remember that all features was available in companion but you couldn’t build it without premium.
I haven’t been active for a while, but kept paying because I love your distro of app inventor, and when I get more free time I will be back.


Thanks so much for you (and other contributor’s) support. As you have noticed, we barely have server downtime and try to keep users using AppyBuilder, building .apk with no issues. It is costing us a lot of expenses, and we may have to take the route that you have mentioned. Also, consider that we do put a lot of time into support, fixes, enhancements, new features.


Taking back gold version into consideration may be a good idea.


What about letting users try building apps for free, but with no option to create an apk file. The users can only live test the apps. Only paid users can create apk files. So all the users who want to create a real apps need to pay. You can even charge more than 1 USD, e.g. 5, 10, 20 or whatever amount you desire.

With this model, the users have a possibility to try appy builder features and see if AP has all the features they want for their apps (trying before buying).


This way half people would move from AppyBuilder. Its like swimming but without water. I would say it’s better to limit the features, components.


Those users who move to another platform are not willing to pay anyway, so that doesn’t matter if they move away from Appy builder. If the unpaid users move to another platform that will benefit the remaining willing-to-pay users, as appy builder would only have to spend time and resource on supporting paid users.

If appy builder really have the features that fulfill the users’ requirements, the features that allow the users to create professional apps, the users will pay for subscription, no matter what. So let the users try all the features and live test the apps first. If they want to publish the apps or use them in any other ways, then pay for a subscription that allow them to build APK files.

Appy builder should also share revenue with extension developers. The paid users should be able to use any extensions that are compatible with Appy builder and the extensions that are approved by Appy builder (i.e. bug free extensions) for free. The unpaid users should be able to buy extensions via appy builder platform, and the revenue is shared between appy builder and the developers.


Imho keeping extensions and AB separate and not merging to a single platform is a good idea. Also, personal experience, Live Testing never works. In all of my experience with this platform, it hasn’t worked once.


I think that’s not the goal of AppyBuilder. For services such as those, “you must pay for everything” there are other app builders.

Keeping F/P (free/premium) segmentation is better, as it allows users to try basic version of the app builder before making a decision whether to buy the service or not. If you make only app designer, you will mess a lot of things. People who can’t use live testing will be unsatisfied with the “no build option”, people such as me won’t be able to test extensions, as no offend or what, I won’t buy an app builder just for an extension testing. I am a traveling person and I don’t use live testing. Last of all, AppyBuilder will become pay2win kind of service and that is not the best for both users and developers (of the service).


I totally agree with @Abhi4124 the admob commission is the most fair way to get funding, because its proportionate to creators income. In my case right now I’m making like 1-2$ per month from all my apps, so 1$ in my case is half the income, but for others making 200-300$ per month is nothing. At this conditions it will be more remunerative to quit making apps entirely


I don’t think so. You don’t know what the cost is of operating the AppyBuilder servers and everything around that. If all admob earnings are so low it will be very hard to keep everything running. If you earn a dollar a month then AB would have earned maybe a couple of cents in commission. I don’t think there is anyone making the large amounts you mention. For that you would have to have an app that is installed many many times.

We started this discussion 3 weeks ago. I think it is time to end it. @Hossein and his team will have to make a choice how to proceed now. Making AB payed again or not.

Maybe there can be a free offline version of AB without monetization options and support under an open source license.

If you want monetization and support you have to pay. It is as simple as that.


I agree with non-free direction, I don’t with type of payment. I know for a fact that some creators are making those numbers, I didn’t just shot in the dark.
My it’s the same idea behind taxes collecting, they are proportional to the people income for a reason. If, like me, there are others making so little, they will quit making apps and then the system WILL collapse, it’s a matter of when, but it will.



I did it just.
Didn’t you receive the sufficient fund yet?
And when can I use the Admob?

Good luck :slight_smile:


@0Jin0 thanks for your support, but i think you didn’t make it recurring. We never disabled AdMob and you still can use it.

Since three weeks ago, we only have received 5 NEW recurring subscription of 1 to 2 dollars per subscription. So no, that doesn’t cover our almost $1,000 per month expenses. Much thanks to our old subscribers.


Bring back the Gold version.


So you plan on making $1-2 all your life or you are going to improve? $1 is almost nothing. If you are not making that with AppyBuilder, then “invest” it from your other income. And keep improving until your apps pay for themselves.