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The least that we can do is supporting AppyBuilder. Being a developer myself, I understand the financial struggle. I have implemented subscriptions in one of my popular apps but the users are unhappy. We all love free stuff, but to be able to cover expenses, a developer must charge for the services they provide. I hope you all understand.


Greetings, for me it is fine to be charged 1 dollar per month, I understand that it is nothing compared to what we used in this platform. we have good benefits and tools. As one previous user said, many pay for extensions and can not pay 1 dollar for the benefit of all and to be able to maintain server costs that must be high. for my part I will continue with my contribution that I have been doing for several years and has been of great help this appy builder platform. Hossein has always kept us up to date with this platform. You have to make sense and be grateful with what you give us in appybuilder.

in life nothing is free, only death and nobody wants it.

that’s why Hossein has my contribution always.

Thank you

note: I hope we all contribute and keep this platform alive.


I like that. Never seen it before. Very true!


Yea We are Both From same Country where Paypal is the Problem.


1$ per month that is great !!!:+1::ok_hand: Any one can pay that amount per month if they really earn money from admobo…


In my opinion, AppyBuilder should stay free and take the commission. Having to pay a set amount could be a problem for many.


Understand that keeping the servers and keeping AB alive can’t just come out of commission.
I understand that not everyone can pay but AB needs to stay alive and the least we can do if we want to occupy a service that is not free for them is for us to pay even $1 or $2 a month to help keep it going.


Sorry but I don’t agree!! I’ve seen many (as said before) buying extensions, others making earning apps and don’t have just $1 dollar to spend with a tool which gives you everything you need? I support the $1 dollar idea (or more) and I’ll give my best to be sure that AppyBuilder is going to be continued.


Another detail is that if it is paid by commission as other platforms will only pay users with app that contain ads and generate money. the other users that use appy builder to create app and sell them outside the play stores, benefit from appybuilder and will not contribute anything. from what I see since there is a lot of user saying that it is not fair to pay. If it were the case that the server can not be maintained, return as before to pay the subscription that you want to continue doing.


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What of those who make free apps? Those who are kids? Not everyone earns money from their apps. If they do, I totally agree they should give back to the platform, but if they don’t, and do it for fun/learning, a fixed upfront payment will steer them away from AB. Even if the subscription fee is made final, I hope we are given time to remove AB components, take the AIAs, and shift to other platforms.


Just wondering…
What if AppyBuilder reverts back to its original like in the past? where there was:

  1. a Free version with limited components for learners and those who build apps for personal use and not for sale.

  2. a Silver or Gold version with more or full set of components for those who want to make more complex apps and for for sale.


Understand that it’s not free for appybuilder creators, they have to pay for it, if it were so easy everyone here would have their version of App Inventor.
I understand your concern, but free applications?
My applications are free and I still agree to pay for the service because they don’t get the server free.
They, you and I have expenses.
AB is an App Inventor variant, if you only want to learn for free there is the original version, but AB is designed to take a next step.

It’s okay to think that having the service to have fun or learn is free, but someone should pay the costs of this.
And even you wouldn’t lose that much money just to have fun.
I’m pretty sure if the developers of AB were millionaires they wouldn’t charge for this.
I hope I’m not offending you, believe me, I’m never looking for that. If you need anything you can tell me, I’ll see if I can help you.
I hope you understand why even if you don’t want to, you have to pay for this.
Great that you joined AB.
And really the more people who stay and support AB the better.
But it may be the only way for AB not to die overnight.
I’m not part of the AB team by the way, I’d love to, but I’m not.
I say this to show you that I am impartial in my opinion.


I understand that. I am familiar with the costs of Google Cloud Platform, and I’ve seen the strain it can put on these AI distros. They are not made for commercial profit as such, and they need support from the community. I just expressed what might happen, from a general perspective.

P.S. I just drop by randomly on the Thunkable and AB communities once in a while… I’m mainly to be found at Makeroid community. Also, I’m only temporarily using AB for porting an AI project, while waiting for Makeroid’s full release. That’s why I am not really impacted by monetization changes.


Then there wouldn’t have been a need at all to even make it free in the First Place. All these users or user increase you see around this platform are only here because it was or is free or at least read somewhere on the internet that it is free NOW.

But 1$= Free.



[spoiler] These character criteria are bad. [/spoiler]


Well, I really doubt that the majority of AB users are using just for fun. Based on the messages I’ve seen here, many of them are wanting to create monetization apps, and in my point of view it’s not just for fun.
Anyway, someone has to pay the costs with servers etc. If you don’t agree to support AB even you’re making your projects using it, that’s ok. It’s your decision.


This is easy. You want free? MIT App Inventor. You need more features? , just pay $1 a month for AppyBuilder.
I am a father and if my kids come to me and ask me to pay $1 a month or more to have acces to this wonderful tool, I would be more than happy to pay for it. This is money well spent and will improve my kids skills.

Besides, what other distro of App Inventor listens to their users and add component requests as fast as AppyBuilder does?
Which one has more components?

People is constantly asking “Where do I pay for this or that extension?” every time there’s a new one and they happily do it. They are willing to pay $25 for gadgets or little special effects that are totally unnecessary. And that’s OK, I purchased a couple of them too.

“But hey! AppyBuilder HAS to be free!” Come on!


@Kanishka_Developer, I agree with you. It would be fantastic to have such tool for free, but we know there are costs to be covered. Just this.

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