AppyBuilder Free without commission



There is no requirement to write in English only. There’s a translator button under every post (world button).


only if the interface language (in configuration) is not set “by default” or “English”:hushed:


@enfandroid I truly appreciate your continued support. If you can keep the $5, that would be great and much appreciated.


Que lenguaje es? No conoces el español? Tu que lengua hablas?


i am happy and i like this idea this one is good


I still have my $9 monthly subscription from the Gold on Google Playstore. Do I stop that and resubscribe?


I think its a good idea but according to me those who are using appybuilder are beginner they probably dont have earning to pay 1$ to you. But if 1$ per 6 months you keep then it will be ok.


That won’t keep AppyBuilders servers running. Maybe the offline version can be in sync with the online version but without the monetizing components. This way everyone can use AppyBuilder even without an internet connection. But if you want to monetize your work you will have to use the online version and pay a fee.


Then i thik taking 5% commission from admob will help keep appybuilder running


Just pay the bill and go make apps :slight_smile:
its that easy, too many words for 1 dollar


if you cant make 1 dollar a month to pay for your subscription, where do you expect appybuilder to take the 1% commision?

for My personal concern on this, i don’t have a problem with the 1$ or even if its made 2$. the only problem i have is with the paypal which i continue to Tell @Hossein to seperate the linkage between paypal and credit card because that linkage or method doesn’t work for countries blacklisted by paypal and i hope to see a positive result soon or something done about it.

But i was very happy about his response on the plans to incorporate other payment or monitization methods which i believe this 1$ though not too big can complement their efforts and time.

Those complaining about the 1$, please stop it. my only complain is about the payment method


yeah , i think appybuilder is more than 25$ per month for his seperate server and maintanance charges takes more. and dicuss takes around 50-554 per month for his community site…


@Hossein, i agree with @Brainwork. My paypal is not connected to CC so i can’t pay subscription. Or maybe i can pay once for one or two years…


i don’t have papal . credit card can use?


¿Por qué no se hace para pagar mes a mes $ 2 y si quiere pagar directamente $ 6 por 6 meses o $ 12 por el año si no se quiere estar pagando cada mes?



sir when is exactly this 1 dollar pay per month will be implement ?


Click on the payment link and subscribe if you have the payment means to do so.


I am OK with Appybuilder taking at least 1$ per month as subscription to their service.

My problem is that PAYPAL IS NOT ACTIVE in my country GHANA.:thinking::thinking:

I will be very glad if you give us MORE PAYMENT OPTIONS.

Thank you guys.


I am already supporting Appybuilder with $5 for almost 3 years now. I haven’t stopped recurring payments even after it became free. How is this going to affect me?


I appreciate your (and other subscribers) support. Unfortunately, we had a very small number of members to sign-up for membership and we have to think other options. If you can keep your current subscription, that would be great.