AppyBuilder Free without commission



Yes same, if I earn from my apps I can donate to appybuilder


Is a problem when paypal is different from gmail ?


No. We’ll set up a form to associate email. Please go ahead and later we’ll mention the form to you and others. Thanks


If it’s just for learning, you have more than enough tools to learn with MIT App Inventor 2.
When you are ready to make your apps more complex and actually make some profit out of them, then you can join AppyBuilder. I don’t recommend Thunkable anymore, since they delete any comment that talks about AppyBuilder. That is not fair in my view. And besides they are way behind AppyBuilder now.


Acabo de donar 2 dolares.


@Andres_Cotes is right! $1 is a very little amount, PayPal will keep a big part of it (at least $0,3 + 5.4%). It will be trouble for people from some countries and not a good incoming for AppyBuilder.

It should be at least $2-3 if you want to keep it cheap.

I say the best action should be looking at the statistics:

  1. How many users are from countries where Paypal or other payment gateways are not available.
  2. Poll at the builder and the community to ask how many users are willing to pay something ($2, $4, $7, $10…) for the AppyBuilder entire service or monetization components.
  3. How many users use monetization and experimental components.

I think that is enough information to make a choice.


@CarlosPedroza27 and @Andres_Cotes are correct. Out of $1, only 50% is directed to us because of PayPal and other fees. We were/are hoping to get increased number of people to opt in for recurring payment. If you can, like @Andres_Cotes please start with higher amount. Thanks


Try To Get Donation From gogetfunding.

It will work


One problem you need to solve that, actually what happened previously, your system save our paypal login and password and it auto renewal our account without our permission. I faced this issue two times while your services was cost 8 Dollars.


@7starmedia we made post in this forum giving instruction and link for stopping the charges.

Also it seems you stopped your subscription in October 2017.

I’ll PM to see what the issue is.


Many users are facing Paypal issues, therefore it is better to use Payoneer payment system because it supports local currencies and banks.


Hi There
Please Donate These Guys Because They Give You Free Platform for Learning And making new apps
So its time to do some action and help them
Donate Maximum To Maximum Account


Ya hice un donativo, con otro correo diferente al de mi cuenta de appybuilder, cómo le hago…?


i’m still pew step away from creating an app,
i don’t have an acc of paypal,
any option to use credid card ?
or must be paypal ?


i’m stay in malaysia,


wow what an bad idea. if you don’t wants to pay then then don’t ask other people to don’t pay.
they giving you a lot , why you don’t wants to give them less then some , not even some.


Im sorry. I forgot to make my subs. Tomorrow will make it. Im sorry again


Me parece bien, 1$ no se nota en nuestra cuenta y entre todos cuidamos que esto se mantenga. Pagaré encantado mientras pueda.

Yo soy usuario esporádico de APPInventor (Ahora empezé con AppyBuilder). Apenas si he hecho 2 aplicaciones en casi 2 años… Entre las dos tengo cero beneficios :smiley: Pero reconozco que estoy ilusionado con poder hacer aplicaciones aunque sea en mi poco tiempo libre y AppyBuilder les da el toque “profesional” que le falta a AppInventor.

PD: Uso 2 cuentas en appybuilder, una con la que trabajo y otra con la que inicié en este mundillo. Y para colmo, la de paypal es diferente también :smile:

GoogleTranslator Spanish-English
Seem right, 1 $ is not noticed in our account and together we take care that this is maintained. I will gladly pay while I can.

I am a sporadic user of APPInventor (Now I started with AppyBuilder). I have barely done 2 applications in almost 2 years … Between the two applications I have zero benefits: smiley:
But I admit that I’m excited to be able to make applications, even in my little free time and AppyBuilder gives them the “professional” touch that AppInventor lacks.

PS: I use 2 accounts in appybuilder, one with which I work and another with which I started in this world.
And to top it off, the paypal is different too


what language is this? English pls.


Hi Hossein, hello everyone.
I have been using appinventors for over ten years, I thank Hossein for his great work over the years and for his constant, patient and professional assistance.
Hossein, I signed a subscription several years ago, in which I pay 5 dollars. Hossein what do you advise me to do? Do I have to block the current subscription and activate a new subscription with the new provisions?
I want to continue to donate the 5 dollars, even I want to offer something more as a gesture of gratitude to appybuilder and his staff.
Thank you