AppyBuilder Free without commission



Let’s do it with 1 dollar. It is a small sum but would become something if all contribute…

Other distributions would sooner or later become paid service. Might as well take a faster step and spend more resources in the development to gain momentum…

Don’t worry if some users leave. If AB keep advancing, more people will keep coming…


agree, and I just make monthly paypal contributions,
lets support back to appybuilder, since $1 monthly is very-very cheap prices for such a good service.


making collections of a dollar the majority partner will paypal




Iam agree with 1$ up to 5$ per month to use monitizations components.
To let beginner peopole who don’t have this amount to use appybuilder for making their first dollars:

  • You can set a counter of projects or generated apks and let first 5 projects free.
  • You can also let using monitization free for the first month.

I think it’s time to think about a long term business model.

You are doing a very good job, thank you very much.


i couldn’t see other amount


@edd when PayPal screen opens, on right hand side, you can enter any amount you want. It shows as Donate. Enter amount and then make it monthly recurring. Thanks


nope. in my page theres only donate. and make donation monthly. ok i will check it evening when i back home.thanks


after clicking donate will see


got it thanks dimitri :slight_smile:


why not you should do like if one will add 2 or more than to ads in there app thay have to add one ad of yours so both can earn


Nobody likes apps full with ads :slight_smile:
1-2$ is not a problem for anybody.
If you have a internet but not 1dollar ?


you have point but at the end of your post this is question mark and the the end of my post i have point…


and i am from India and my age is 13 i can earn money util 15 and this 13 i will 14 i try to make by making and selling aia to persons but i an new so i cant i have made one app previously for a man but that man have not given my money to me and not
having contact with me and i think i have gifted that man some thing but it is a simple app just scan and store data to spreadsheet and on fire base at low cost so i think you understand what i mean



You can devide in to types of account

  1. Paid

In paid account professional users can use appybuilder by fees (1$/ month)
With No admob Commission

  1. Free

In Free account Beginner users can use appybuilder by 10-30% commotion …
They didn’t need to pay fees…like me I’m also beginner.

And if someone don’t want to pay fees or don’t want to admob gives you commission from their earnings. Then don’t think about them… they are okay in thunkable…


I Agree With you 100% It can Help Appybuilder A lot as there are lots of Beginners and Some Will pay the Money also.


Yes, it’s actually a Good Idea, 1 Dollar per month is nothing comparing to our Admob Earnings and AppyBuilder’s amazing Components


I’m ready to pay $5 . But I don’t have PayPal


Just create a PayPal account its very easy


completed :slight_smile: i think free is good for some people who need to learn ,who need to that litte money.
so if i earn money from apps then i can donate monthly.i think everyone can do it.