AppyBuilder Free without commission



Hello AppyBuilders,

Few days ago, we completely removed the AdMob commission that was directed to AppyBuilder.

With number of users increasing, our expenses are increasing and it’s becoming financial burden to keep systems up and running. We are thinking to implement a system and ask members to pay a real low membership fee of $1 per month. We don’t have any investor funding and believe this will help us to maintain systems and the low $1/month should be fair and affordable for users. There will be exception for contributors and moderators and other categories of users.

Please follow link below to subscribe to the $1/month. Unfortunately, IF we do not receive the sufficient support, we’ll have to enforce it through system and a closed-platform
NOTE: When page opens, select “Other Amount” to enter the $1 and click on “Monthly”

Is Appybuilder Going to be Paid version Again?
How much Appybuilder Take %

I totally agree with this change. It’s a little unfair to see people willing to pay/donate to have some paid extension, while the platform that supports all that(AppyBuilder) is having issues to keep its free service running.


@Abhi4124 I believe 1$/month basically means free.


I think it would be right to make a mandatory membership fee of $3 - $5 per month or to conduct a survey among users to determine the mandatory amount.


Buenas, yo he seguido pagando los 8$ y mientras pueda lo seguiré haciendo.
Que debo hacer, cancelar mi antigua suscripción y hacer una nueva o mantengo la que ya tengo.



@Roman_Demidov Thanks, you can use the same link and just enter the amount. We are hoping that we get members to pay the $1/month, otherwise we have to enforce and/or increase the $1

@juan Thanks for your continued support and keeping subscription at same level


If Appybuilder Becomes Paid then Many Users will move on to Thunkable and other Services which Provide For Free


Thunkable already said they will charge in the future for premium features, so don’t get too used to it.
Besides, the word free is a little misleading. Nothing is free in life. There’s always somebody paying for your “free” stuff. In this case is @Hossein with his staff and the few users that contribute.


In addition to what @Italo mentioned, unlike other distros, we aren’t taking 5% commission anymore.
@Abhi4124 Also you like us to pay + $1,000 USD per month so you don’t have to pay $1 per month? :slight_smile:


Just Take the Commission, Does Beginners care much about Money ?. If you take 5% From the Admob Revenue What is the Big Difference ? My Point is to Take Money From Users in Form Of Commissions or Hold a Survey What People would like. Survey Or Paid Appybuilder Version.


@Hossein I’m gladly in for $1 per month.

One small query - my payment (non-gmail) and AB login (gmail) emails are different. Will that cause a complication if you do get to the stage of permitting paid-only access?



@JimP thanks for bringing it up. We’ll prepare a Google form for this.
@Abhi4124 we’ve been down that road. We’ve already received so many requests to remove the commission. We just can’t satisfy everyones request


Okay, I’ll try my best to Support Appybuilder as it’s the best one of its kind


My paypal and google login are different :slight_smile:


What about letting users (majority of the users are kids) learn and build an app for free, and charge once they want to public their apps on Google Play?

Just an idea.


Thank you very - very much.

If your business does not have any problems then can the app show or tell you, how to remove and add to the AdMob Commission ?

Again i am repeating If your business does not have any problems then tell us
other vise no problem .


Not a Good Idea. Beginners Need to Upload to Playstore to Get download and get users which bring revenue to them. From that Revenue appybuilder could be donated enough money (if many users are willing to donate )


I understand people who wants to keep AppyBuilder for free because payments methods aren’t available in all countries, but AppyBuilder isn’t just for educational purposes.

If you want to learn how to make apps, use the free stuff available. But if you want to make an app to earn some money, then you need to understand that all reward needs an investment first. Also, there is more ways to contribute rather than donating.

I suggest to keep AppyBuilder free but monetization and experimental components available only to contributors.


I dont think 1-2-3 dollars will matter for anyone.
Dont even worth to disscus


That’s what I entirely agree!!!