AppyBuilder companion


Each time I try to test my app, it says:

The Companion you are using was built for different instance of AppyBuilder. To obtain the correct companion look on the AppyBuilder screen under Help->Companion Information menu.

How do I fix this?


Download v5.05 here:


Do you have any other companions running?

If so, turn it off (remove from recent).



What other companions are there?


From other builders.


Is appinventor2 an example? I have that installed as well, so it could have caused the issue.

  1. Just make sure that when you start AppyBuilder companion, it says version 5.04. If not, then install the new version
  2. Also, when you close other companions (e.g. App Inventor companion), even though its closed, it is still running in background. You’ll need to KILL it

Try item 1 above. If still same issue, they goto step 2 above


It should read 5.05. That is the latest version :wink:


It works, thank you so much. I actually just closed and opened it again after closing all of the other companions.


How can I kill companion on mac?