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When I am trying to register, it says User or Email Already Exist but email is not registered previously. I have used two emails to register but same error occurred.

AppyBuilder Code Editor for building extensions

I am also seeing the same error.


Same error i also face i tried 4 different gmail account is not registered previously.


Server was temporarily down. Its back up now


I am waiting for the Download Aix button to pop-up for an hour…Still Waiting…


It’s working for me.

What message do you get when you click Build again?


@SANTU_HALDER Try pressing the Home icon and then back to project


i hope it will work now… BUT download AIX button is not showing…


For me works fine.Great.Great.Great Hossein.


@Marco Thanks for feedback.
This was a collaborative effort.Thanks to @condigital and @Ken for their great teamwork :+1: on this

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