AppyBuilder Cheatsheets


Could this be helpfull to someone?



@Peter Great job. Looks just awesome. THANKS


@Peter Thanks for your support. Updated


This next one is a lot bigger. I put all the components together for App Inventor, AppyBuilder, Makeroid and Thunkable. Sometimes it is confusing which builder has what component.


New version because of the release of App Inventor nb164.


Hey Peter this looks awesome!
Have you thought about making a Google Sheet text version of this, with component sections side by side?
For Example:

Tab1 would be labeled [User Interface]
Column A would be MIT AI2
Column B would be AppyBuilder
Column C would be Thunkable
Column D would be Makeroid

A1, B1, C1, D1 would all say Button

This would give people a side by side comparison of the component differences by distro. I’m sure you’d have to update it every month as components are added and what not. But it would be a fun project I’m sure :slight_smile:


It would be a difficult comparison. Even the button component has different blocks in the different builders. What you can see in the image is the number of components that a builder has. This way you can see which builders are the most actively developed. AppyBuilder and Makeroid take center stage here.


Do you mean something like this?


What makes this difficult is that it now looks like Makeroid has no PasswordTextBox, but they have it integrated in their TextBox so it is no longer a seperate component.


That looks awesome! Good job.
You could put a comment in the PasswordTextBox row for Makeroid Column. Instead of X, just type (see comment), and when the user hovers over that cell they should see the comment.


Version 0.2 is ready. Tell me if i should change something.


Nice job, @Peter!!! Thanks for bringing this to us!!!


Version 0.2 is ready. Thanks for the comments @Barreeeiroo


New version with the new components.


@Peter nice job. Looking at your spreadsheet, wanted to mention that AppyBuilder, since long time ago, has had features like taking screenshot (camera) and device info (phone call - think) and others that will mention later


Comments added in the spreadsheet for Camera and PhoneCall.


Great stuff, Peter!!!


Thank you …


Are you planning on Updating this with the new extension which has been added(Wallpaper Manager).

Anyways good work with the Cheatsheet I always look up on this to find some extension ie. If they are present or not without getting into appybuilder builder section.