AppyBuilder Beginner Tutorials


The last week and a half we (the AppyBuilder team and myself) worked really hard to convert the App Inventor beginner tutorials to AppyBuilder.

The tutorials can be downloaded with the following link:

The originals can be found here:
The AppyBuilder tutorials will be released with the same license

Any comment would be appreciated.


Good job, @Peter_Mathijssen

Recently we saw a lot of people in community asking basic stuff…

Good strategy to build an dichotomous key app

lol i love that smiley face at the end hahah
great job!!!


Thank you PixiiBomb. Combined effort from the AppyBuilder team and me. :+1:


Hi @PixiiBomb, please can you come out with a tutorial on how to make a RANDOM quiz questions. Plssssssss:pray::pray::pray:


Hey there Gamah - I actually did make a tutorial that comes up with random quiz questions and randomly generates those answers: Math Whiz Quiz Tutorial

I think some people are confused about the tutorial. It’s not limited to math. Math is just an example.
There is a second screen in the project’s .aia file which is your challenge for the video.
That gives you an idea of how to randomly select an item from a list for your quiz questions.


Hi I need some tutorials on task bypass earning apps


What do you mean by “task bypass”? I understand what both of those words mean, just not in this context.


Please open a new topic with your question.


Nice work!

I think a tutorial on Layout (HorizontalArrangements/VerticalArrangements and AlignVertical/AlignHorizontal) would be helpful for beginners.
They aren’t as fun as the apps in this .pdf but important none the less.