AppyBuilder Announcement - Mar 3rd





This is great … it’s the best news i heard in 2019

Many thanks to you sir and your great team … because peoples like you , our lives and work always be better.



Thank you. Can i. Create my own builder with this?


First question. Why would you want to do that? There are already more then enough builders. Developers should work together not compete so much.


It was just a question sir


@indian It would be great if you could contribute by adding features or fixing bugs


@Hossein how to update any component😕
for offline version


I think you should update a component for the online version.

Then the offline version can be synced from the online version.


Running on macOS Mojave, perfect, thank to all AppyBuilder team


@Apps_Moviles great. Spread the news :+1:


I think u are telling for off line mode .!!!
There we can add some new components for own users?


Yes i Also think so @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu :joy:


Yes That would be great