Appybuilder Add SDK versions newer than 7.0


Hi Team,

Beginning on 23 Jan 2018, Google Mobile Ads SDK versions older than 7.0.0 for Android and 7.0.0 for iOS will no longer be supported. Publishers with these older versions will not be able to serve ads in their apps(s). Please ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version of the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

Do I need to worry about this?


@GyanMastii Please search forum for SDK (you don’t need to worry about this)


So if I create apps in appybuilder now or after 23 jan 2018 then the admob ads in my app will show properly without any problem right?


@GyanMastii that is correct


hello, admob not working now ! is there a solution ?


uninstall (clear cache) and works again sorry :slight_smile: