On the forum, some users have AppyBuilder version OffLine, which works without Internet... Where you can download it...? The fact that I have a very, very, very slow Internet, and when working with AppyBuilder version OnLine for a long time to load (have to wait a long time, the project is more than 5 megabytes freezes)...


The offline version shouldnt be used for production apps. It misses a lot of features of the current online version.


I know that the OffLine version misses a lot of features that it doesn’t update as often as OnLine… I need the Appy Builder OffLine for the main work (to use standard tools faster when creating a project), and then save and import to AppyBuilder OnLine and modify new functions…



OK… Thank you very much…!


After installing offline Builder, I can not upload apk file
Please why


Provide more details so that we could assist you


Hello Sir
This is error:

Build failed! Connect error:Connection refused:connect


Please read doc and look at troubleshooting section too


Ok I do it
Thank you


i could not open this file WinStartBuild Server, it is not run, need someone help for me, please give suggestions if have faced this issue or solved


Java 8 JDK is needed to run offline server, so either you do not have the correct version of JAVA or either JAVA is not correctly setup

See more here