AppToMarket next version


Hello community,

We’ll be working on next version of AppToMarket to include features for adding assets so that you can build larger apk files. We can’t give you ETA, but have started the work.


I hope it will work on linux to :wink:


Current AppToMarket is cross platform too


Nice! I waiting this :wink: Maybe I make apps again now.


@Hossein how is this going?



@Boban_Stojmenovic not good :frowning: with all the stuff going on, haven’t really been able to put quality time into it


OK just checking.



I’ve downloaded AppToMarket_v41 and managed to run it from Ubuntu Linux.
When run gives the following"

04Oct2018_1843.12: ERROR. Current supported platforms are Windows. Disabling functionalities

and some buttons are disabled. Is there something I can do?
(I’m trying to change the package name of a published apk to Google)


You don’t really need AppToMarket. You can use AppyBuilder and use custom package names


The original .aia comes from Thunkable so I think would be very tricky to continue to appybuilder. But I’ll try to import.

Thanks @Hossein


I’ve managed to import my app with some modifications (some components are not compatible) and did a test with different package name (upload to play store with the package name I wanted) and yes, it works!

Thanks again.


Please can you tell me where you downloaded the apptomarket file ?
I have a big apk too build (almost 300 assets (sounds and pictures to add), so i need to use apptomarket i think.
Thank you for your help


At the moment AppyBuilder can make bigger APK’s so maybe you don’t need AppToMarket. You can also export your aia. It is just a zip-file. Put your assets inside in the assets folder. Import it again and see what happens.


Thank you for your answer. So i try to put all my assets in my .aia file and see what happens when i download it on appybuilder , did i anderstand well ?


“Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!”
With the assets my .aia file is about 46 Mo …


Well that’s to big. If you need all those assets you can download them after installation of the app. See this sample from taifun.


thank you very much, i will work on it tomorrow… It was so much simple with apptomarket :frowning:


Just to know if it is usefull to try an other issue… How much is the limitation for appy ? maybe i can reduce a little the size of my pictures…


AB can make apk of little less then 20 MB now. But you have to try and see what works.


Hi ! i’m working on my app, making it again from the begining. I think i can make less than 20 Mb, but not sure yet. i was looking the example when you can download several files one by one form the internet and store it on your device on first run of the app. But i’ve seen it downloads it on SD card. How does it works if people dont have SD Card ?