Apptomarket issue in Gold


I produced applications including many image files and midi files. So, I was able to finish using silver and finish using apptomarket. I tried several attempts but could not use apptomarker in Gold.
Even though I want to try and experiment with apk modder. I couldn’t use it.Because I failed to receive my Activation Key despite the donation.
Can you tell me how to use apptomarket for Gold? Or is there any other way?


ApToMarket is free. However it’s not supported anymore. You should post to AppToMarket forum.

For ApkModer, it does not relate to AppyBuilder. Please contact them.



Unfortunately you have to know what you are doing to make it work, Apktool is a tool that you can use to manipulate apk’s.

Yes it does and you already know that, as I have pointed it out both privately and in the forum about this a few times.


As we have already talked for us who use Themes in apps, your ActionBar is causing issues as it does not follow the Theme Style…

My final solution looked like this


@Boban_Stojmenovic please post here again on what you had to do accomplish feature shown in your video.


Sorry I have to look for the file with the instructions, have placed it somewhere on the computer and I can’t find it


@Boban_Stojmenovic any luck finding your updates?


The file is found but I don’t know if it will benefit others with these changes, because I control the screens with themes, such as NoActionBar, Fullscreen and as well as the color of the ActionBar.

by the way @SakukChang read this


@Boban_Stojmenovic maybe you could post updates that you made to manifest. This could be beneficial for future releases.


Action bar color and is visibility can be controlled using properties.


True but not good enough

Heavy loading app with ActionBar disabled is still present for 1+s annoying
Not able to have default color of the ActionBar mostly Samsung phones especially if it shows a different color when app is loaded
Color of the title in ActionBar (white on some and black with a twist on some phones)

as I mentioned earlier your ActionBar is causing issues as it does not follow the Theme Style when applying a Theme and because of it, I can not apply/edit

  • my SideMenu
  • screens to appear as Dialog
  • and all the things I wrote above

Sorry but your version is the only one I have this issues with

Some delay on screen1

@Boban_Stojmenovic please provide a simple aia that demonstrates the issue that you are talking about


Is there another way to add large files?


@Ebubekir_dogru, You can use FTPManager component to initially download media files from cloud


Can you give me a sample aia file


Any update or fix for this?


@Ritchie_Irizarry_Arr @Andres_Cotes has s pretty nice Sidabar extension that can be used for that purpose.



@Hossein I think @Ritchie_Irizarry_Arr refers to this

and this is neither possible to theme away in the gold version if you do not make lots of changes in smali files