Apps greater than 10mb


AppyBuilders, Among many other features and fixes, we are working on bringing you ability to build apps that are over 10mb. Stay tuned for updates.


Hello i want ask if there are any news for build app bigger as 10 MB. The Solution with an appinventor server do not work bc i cannot rebuild my app bc some things are a older version in app inventor as in appybuilder.

And to download my Files will bring me only 1 or 1.5 MMB not more and i know my app will get mmuch much bigger as 20 MB.

I dont want to make stress or so this is only a question where i want an answer if this is possible.
My app developing will need more time from today but today i have in the meanwhile more as 7 MB and the APP has maybe 20% from that what i want to integreate.

What is the Plan of your Roadmap?
When do you ppl think, that it is possible to build APPs with more as 10MB.?

And i have another Question.
I read something that the Team is developing an cross plattform like thunkable where you can develop apps for booth device. Android and APPLE.

i think that your solution will be better as the solution from thunkable like the builder now. I changed from thunkable to Appy Builder bc the Builder is better with more feature as the other one.