Appplication Not Working (RunTime Error)


Please change your title and tell what is not working?

In AppyBuilder we have a Wifimanager component that has the following block. So it is much easier then you are trying to do now.



will this block work when using mobile data ?


Why dont you try? Comparing builders is like comparing apples and oranges. They are both fruit but they are very different. So it is not usefull. Stick with the one you want to use but don’t try to compare them.

So importing something that works in another builder and not in AppyBuilder isn’t saying anything about the quality of AppyBuilder. Builders are just to different these days with there own featureset.


Can you please check my .aia fileCouponKing.aia (75.1 KB)


No i can not, i don’t have the time to test every aia file i am offered. You still haven’t told what is not working in your app. Is this a kind of earning app you are making?


Maybe this can help you in making your question more clear to others.


no it’s not an earnin app. when I open the application its showing this


If you are importing from other distro, then you may run into issues


Your image is to small, i can not read the text.


This seems to be coding issue. You need to use live testing and use DoIt to debug. Also try adb log


If i zoom in on the image i think i see the word admob. Did you remove you admob component when you exported it from the other builder?


I have not exported it from any other builder, I used the same blocks in the other builder.


Don’t get me wrong but we are already spending more then 20 minutes just getting to the problem. Do you understand why it is important to prepare your question the best you can. Everybody is spending his free time here to help but this way it isn’t fun to help.

That is why i gave you the link for “How to ask a question?”

Like i said before, you can not just use the same blocks from one builder to another. Builders are to different.

And you still haven’t told us what the error message is you are getting.


Peter is correct. What is your requirement and what do you want to do?


when I open the app Its showing Runtime Error.


@Hossein @Peter please check it once


You are making your sidebar the wrong way.



@Peter Thank you so much


Your welcome. Next time please make sure you prepare yourself before asking a question. I am very reluctant to help if i have to spend a lot of time asking questions to get to the problem.


Also check the eBook tutorial by Peter