Application crash after installation


Application crash after installation after recompilation with app to market v4.1
Hello everyone
I have compiled my app with appybuilser.

I have to recompile with apptomarket v 4.1 to post the update on google play

the problem:
the newzipalign.apk generated by apptomarket crash after installation.
the application does not stop planting at the opening.
the apk built by appybuilder is functional.

Can you help me please?


For AppToMarket and this issue, you’ll need to use adb log to figure out what needs to be done.


Thanks Mr hossein
i don’t know if i can use this method because i’m not a real developper.
i hope extract a log
is there a method directely whith the smartphone for debug the application?


What changes did you make in AppToMarket?


My certificat is the same
here my configuration


if i put target SDK 26 the application crash too

if i put min sdk 21 and target sdk 0 the application crash too

I don’t understand because le initial .apk is fonctional and whihout bug


There is no such thing as SDK 0? You have to set Target SDK To 21 or higher, depending on what target SDK AppyBuilder is built on, Min SDK is the minimum Android Version.