AppBuiler Gold app


ho use AppBuiler Gold app with live testing ?
if possible step by step


When you
click on Live Testing
you will get a 6-character code and barcode,
just either put the code in app and
click on connect with code
click on scan barcode button on app and
scan the barcode you see on screen.

in few seconds it will show your app on mobile.
Thats it.


Sir, so I know it should be so. But nothing is happening in this way with me, that is why I have asked so many stupid questions.
Please, the rar file I’m putting together. Please be kind to tell me that I said but did wrong



  1. did you kill any other companion apps that you had previously ran? Closing won’t help because it will still be running in background.
  2. Are you behind firewall?


no sir
not any other companion apps that i had previously ran


Is phone and computer on same network? If yes, can you just try restarting your phone?

Also are you using


phoe have other net work & computer have other


but phone connected with computer via usb cabal


That won’t work. They need to be on same network.

Usb currently not supported. However we are working on it


my pc don’t have wifi configuration .
my modem have only lan connectivity


Which connection you are using in mobile? via SIM or any wifi modem?

if your phone has internet connection via SIM(4G/3G) then you can try connecting it to pc via USB network sharing(usb tethering) if your phone supports. then both pc and phone will be on same network. otherwise better to buy a wifi adaptor for your pc like this:


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu we are checking into ability to add live testing using usb


thanks u sir
by the way which time its complied ?


Sorry but I’m not clear on your question


hello, if i have freegold wich app do i have to use? i installed version 2.41 and this message appears


best option for live testing is:

  1. open appybuilder in your mobile through google chrome
  2. dowload appybuilder live testing app from google play
  3. take wifi from your friend
  4. now go to appybuilder site in your mobile
  5. and click on live testing
    remaining process is same


Its been 2 years😅
I think now he already knows solution


@SiyaRam_Edutok took 2 years to find out how to do live testing and today he came to tell us how to do it, that’s great.:joy::joy::joy:

@SiyaRam_Edutok I’m just kidding my friend.:sweat_smile: