App working in live testing but not working in phone


my app is properly working in live testing but not working in phone when i install it and app size is normal (5 mb) tried all possible thing i can do but it is not working plz help.


Maybe you can tell what you have tried and what didn’t work?

What means “not working in phone”?



i reduce all image size and check all the blocks


I think you are asking two different things.

  1. Your image shows so crash. That doesn’t provide any help. You need to debug and find out where it crashes
  2. Images: set screen to responsive


sir i am not getting what to do can you plz explain breifly ?


see tip 1 and 2 here


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


i have only one screen in my app


it does not look like you read tip 2, dd you?


i read it and also implemented but still same prblm…and my app is working 2-3 days ago don’t know what happened now…


without further details unfortunately nobody will be able to help
what about a screenshot of your blocks?


thanks to all for you support my app problem is now fixed …


this forum exists to share solutions, so how do you fix your issues?


there is probem with sidebar extention then i reuplaod the extention and rearrange the blocks then the problem is solved.


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