App Testers Needed


Hello fellow developers,

I am looking for App Testers for my Beta releases. If you are interested, please read this post:


@habboubih do you want to give someinfo about your app?


@Hossein I am looking for testers for the on going development of my 14 apps.

One of the apps is Image to Text OCR scanner


@habboubih congrats. Very good number of downloads.


What did you use to make your screenshots for your App?


Photoshop… i am very experienced in this.


Hi. This app is not available in Brazil.I would like to try it.


Hi, with firebase of google you can test your app with real smartphones, check it in the section “Test Lab”


Hi, are you using Mika’s NMD extension?


what extension are you talking about?


For OCR feature in ur app…


I would like to try it, but in Brazil it is not available.


I have a question: I perceived that your app has 18Mb. How could you do that using appybuilder?