App stopped working


Sir can u help me when i open my app it says unfortunately stopped

I imported app inventor project to appybuilder

@Atulshende You need to check your blocks-logic. Also, are you using any extensions? Can you use ADB to check the errors?


Hello but I didn’t know how to check errors from ADB i can give you my aia file then u solved that


@Atulshende We have a great help documentation with tutorials. Please search for ADB here:


Sir I can’t understand that i can give u aia file then u can solve that


@Atulshende Please see link below:


But i made app from Android


Sir please modify my app by aia file and send me modified aia file that u modified sir please pleaseearnunlimited.aia (574.8 KB)


@Atulshende We can’t really debug your app. Maybe someone in the community can check into your app.
You need to use debug features such as DoIt or reduce number of blocks to isolate the issue.

Also, Did you change THEME in app-inventor? Use AppInventor and switch it back to Classic (default)


But where is app inventor


I split this post from the original because this is another question altogether.

No, you have to show your blocks used. Tell about the assets or extensions you used and the number of screen. I really dislike earning apps so don’t expect help from me but maybe someone else will if you answer the above questions. Search the forum, you may find the answers you need.


pm me your project i will try to solve


Your images are to big and maybe screen switching…
Because when I saw that you had so many ads, I didn’t look anymore.



Sir please helpe only you caan do it