"App stopped working" always when Ad lefts application


last week my app was working fine but from 2-3 days whenever Ad left application always my app stopped working. I’m unable to figure out problem because problem is occuring on same app which was working before and I haven’t made any changes in blocks.

Please Help Me


Maybe it is related with a number of other problems since the last update of AB. Developers are working on it so please be patient.


Ok,:pensive: waiting


That Problem is still occurring , Please help me. I took many days to build this app and now this problem is occurring.


same problem please help?


You haven’t provided any info on this? Is this for AdMob Interstatial ad?


Yes. On Interestial Ads


I just tried a quick sample app and didn’t experience any issue. Maybe you want to show your AdLeftApplication block



App was working perfectly fine till 3rd august and after that it started giving me problems when I rebuild the app from aia in appybuilder


So, problem IS NOT AdLeftApplication (as indicated in thread-subject). It has something to do with the Timer block.
I recommend using ADB log or use DoIt or Disable some of the blocks (in Timer block) to narrow down the issue


Okay but could you please give full form of ADB log and Dolt? I’ve no knowledge abt these


Unfortunately, we can’t do everything for you. What you could do is use the search feature of this community. This is what I did, and here is the result:


i have same problem Hossein sir