App Screen Selector Frozen



When designing an app that has multiple screens, for some reasons the screen selector is frozen on a page. I’ve tried closing out AppyBuilder and restarting it. I’ve tried cleaning out my PC, and I’ve tried restarting my PC. The issue still exists.


Is it random or is there anything special to the page you are selecting? Maybe send your aia to me and i will look at it.


The only coding on all 8 screens is the code blocks for the sidebar component(Custom Menu). But to answer your question, it’s no specific page, it freezes up on all of them.


I just started the project. Could the sidebar component be causing this?


Screen Selector Not Working Properly

Click the link to see the issue live.


The way you switch screen will only cause problems.

But i don’t think these codes is causing what you see. What if you try another browser?


I don’t normally switch screens like that, I was just frustrated because in the beginning I did wait 5 to 10 seconds between screens waiting for the screen to change. When you have multiple projects to finish, you tend to be a little short on patients because nothing is working. No haven’t tried other browsers, but I will. Do you have any recommendations? For now, I using a Windows 7 PC 32Bit until I get back home.


Issued solution based from user:
Are you using the shortcut of Appybuilder instead of it being opened in a multi-tabbed Chrome browser? (By going to the 3-dot menu, more tools, then “create shortcut”?)
NOTE: If so, Appybuilder or any other builder isn’t meant to be in a PWA type setting.


I found the issue a yesterday. MeteorCoder your right, it was the fact that I created a shortcut to the website. For some unknown reason, I made two shortcuts on my home screen. I deleted one of them and all seems to be working now. Thanks guys for the help.


Thanks for letting me know, glad I could help! Keep building with Appybuilder.